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Subject JUST IN:The OBITUARY of Mother American Liberty-Very Sad!!!
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Original Message Mother American Liberty who lived a relatively short, prosperous, and complicated life died a slow and painful death of a broken heart at the tragically young age of 236 years. She is survived by three hundred million children who would not stand together to help her fight her ailments. Instead most of them hid in fear, succumbed to complacency, fought amongst one another, and elected their most evil and corrupt siblings to assimilate her powers of attorney. The long line of evil elected siblings chose to squander her wealth, destroy her credit, pilfer her resources, infuriate her neighbors, complicity encourage the breaking of cardinal rules, silence outspoken fellow siblings, assassinate dissention, dishonor her fathers, molest her granddaughters, slaughter her language, toxically pollute her air, radioactively infect her wells, systemically dismantle her businesses, fire her employees, pornographically enslave her daughters, and vend all of her precious belongings; breaking her heart into pieces so small that even CERN could not detect their presence.

Mother Liberty did not perish instantly as her resilience was too great. Some of her children fought long and hard to prevent, desist, and shield her from the abominations being transgressed against her. They too were silenced, assassinated, or worse ignored. Seeing her favorite offspring fight incessantly left her with hope, until enough were silenced, ignored, mocked, jeered, and murdered that they too began losing all hope. On her death bed she spoke to them pleading with them to remember. She begged them to remember her for the way she was and not for the way she had been left. She reminded them of the 236 years of freedom and prosperity they once had. She reminded them all, that the road to their freedom and prosperity was bathed in their family’s blood. She made them recall the countless amenities she slaved all of her life to provide. She reminded them of the hundreds of years of education she was able to afford them. She asked them not to ever forget the love she had for each and every one of them and the love they should’ve had for one another. She called each and every one of them out by name as she lay weeping. She laid her hand trembling upon each cheek. With tears in her eyes and her heartbeat slowing she asked them why they did nothing to stand together, even though they had the power and knowledge to collude her wounds to heal. When they began to argue at her bedside yelling at one another yet could not muster agreement on an answer, she slipped away into the darkness and gave her last breath.

The powers of attorney will be holding no services, accepting no flowers, no sympathy cards, or erecting any memorials. The powers of attorney will be desiccating her fragile body and using the mangled parts to down-pay their debts. No media will be allowed to comment and protest will be amputated upon infection. Gifts and donations are of course expected and the powers of attorney prefer cash or precious metals. Few infuriated neighbors indicate that they are in active prayer for Mother American Liberty’s remaining children. There are however, one or two neighbors that have offered the only thing the powers of attorney do not yet control; prayer. They humbly indicate to our publication,at this time, they are praying for a miracle as Mother Liberty’s children are left with nothing of which to speak. The surviving offspring of Mother American Liberty indicate that they will always remember her as she was, just as she had urged them to do. Sadly they can only agree that they are completely lost because they are still in probate proceedings squabbling over how to pick up the pieces of their Mother’s heart and put them back together again.

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