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Subject TRUTH! The Earth does not revolve around the Sun - The exposure of hiding
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Original Message If you think that the theory of the Earth's rotation around the sun - it is absolutely proven fact, then you are sadly mistaken. In this theory are so many inconsistencies that it has long been located on the same shelf with Darwin's theory of the origin of man from apes.
Some benefits that people do not know the truth, and this deception vaccinated since childhood, from school, then to people growing up in a false world view completely. The most amazing thing that so many people believe that the Earth revolves around the sun, which is not able to perceive reality. Their laughter is the information that makes them similar to patients in psychiatric hospitals.How terrible would sound to you now is the information that the sun revolves around the Earth? Do you certain there would be a strong emotional drama within you. Your brain refused to accept it. But to know for sure - you need to be in the sun, to see that the Earth revolves around. It is impossible to do, so everything that exists - is a theory and another theory. Even the spacecraft can not help you to understand that revolves around something. Because what does not and can not be in space reasons, some points on which we can judge on the motion of something. For example you are sitting in front of the train and the train is. And here you see a movement. Who is going? Train your front or train? You are looking at the ground below, and you know who is moving. But in space it is impossible, everything is moving in space. And it is impossible not only to understand what is moving, but that which moves around.More and more scientists in our time have come to the conclusion that there is a joint motion of the Sun and the Earth with respect to each other. That is, not (and indeed can not be) a rigid conception of what the earth revolves around the sun. At this point at the moment the two most important fact is the presence of analemma and equation of time.But all this goes beyond simple words and the conversation flows on a more sophisticated level. So if you want to know more - learn about it. Knowing the truth is very important. Especially many may shake the scale of fraud, which reigns around.I also recommend the study of Vedic cosmology to derive consciousness from the stupor of "scientific" worldview.
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