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Subject The exponentially increasing number of earthquakes electromagnetic flux of unknown spectrum in action
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Original Message Nov. 25, 2005

Scientists are finding that electromagnetic flux of unknown spectrum in action may be the root cause of the exponentially increasing number of earthquakes in the last eighteen months. The intensity and numbers of tremor is increasing steadily.

According to our previous articles, electromagnetic flux can cause artificial earthquakes. The biggest question is who is causing these earthquakes?

The electromagnetic flux can be applied to intensify or neutralize gravity in a massive scale that can literally move tectonic plates or neutralize their movements. According to some, the series of earthquakes that happened between November 2004 and March 2005 were bunch of experimentation by either the Extraterrestrials or some human hand.

The use of electromagnetic flux at a very high intensity is not that easy. Proper algorithmic interpretation and application is necessary otherwise wrong and sometimes totally opposite results can happen. It is not just creating this flux with super intensity. It is also measured application and that is where the real technology lies.

The same can also be applied to create harmonic tremor forcing the lava to eject through volcanoes. The whole Universe can be modeled as interconnection of gravity waves that keep everything in place. Whenever some changes take place, the electromagnetic flux generated either through dark matter or other artificial means can neutralize gravity in local zone. That creates massive imbalance in dynamic forces. This imbalance causes earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, Tsunamis and even cyclones.

The imbalance can be created artificially through the use of Terrestrial and advanced Extraterrestrial technologies.
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