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Subject Unconfirmed Report: Passenger Aircraft from LAX Possible Target of Missile
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Original Message Unconfirmed Report: Passenger Aircraft from LAX Possible Target of Missile?
by Doulgas J. Hagmann, Director

28 November 2005: Under normal circumstances and in a perfect world, a possible "missile attack" against a commercial flight in the early morning hours after a holiday weekend would be a news story. A BIG NEWS story. Sadly, todayīs climate does not demand comprehensive reporting, and even on rare occasions when it does, no one seems to want to ask the "hard questions" anymore. Investigative reporting has taken a backseat to mere acceptance of inane explanations by official spokesmen who seem to know they wonīt have to be held accountable for their answers. Many in the American public seem to acquiesce, refuse to believe that the war on terror has reached America, or as radio personality and regular guest on Fox & Friends MANCOW said to me during a recent interview about the bombing at O.U., "I donīt want to hear it." The latter, of course, was an apparent parody of the malaise of the public, making the point that many people simply donīt want to hear what is really going on as long as their world is not directly affected.

That said, there is a "news story" that was broadcast on a few radio stations early this morning that detailed an alleged incident of a U.S. passenger plane departing from the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), enroute to the east coast, that (reportedly) "narrowly avoided being hit by a missile." The altitude of the flight at the time of the alleged incident was 6,000 feet and over the Pacific Ocean in a turn-and-climb pattern. According to news reports broadcast early this morning, officials dismissed this incident, even chalking the sighting up to a "flare" or a "bottle rocket," despite the obvious impossibility of either scenario. Interestingly, the details of the story remained vague until they apparently vanished from the media.

Since approximately 9:00 this morning, the Northeast Intelligence Network has received nine-(9) separate e-mails about this incident, yet aside from some very astute first person reporting at the very informative web site Free Republic, there has been no mention about this incident by anyone else on the Internet or in the media. Multiple posters on the Free Republic web site heard the same media reports cited by those who have sent e-mails to this agency, adding credibility to the initial news reports. Despite those fleeting news reports about a potentially devastating breach of national security and the possibility of a mass casualty event, there has been no media follow-up, and inquiries to the FAA by the Northeast Intelligence Network have not been answered as of this report.

The Northeast Intelligence Network is continuing to investigate this incident - hoping to obtain some type of "official" confirmation. In the meantime, rest assured that everything is normal in the world today, and let us know where we can get some of those "bottle-rockets on steroids" for the next July 4th holiday picnic.

Reports will be provided as information is developed.

[link to www.homelandsecurityus.com]

[link to thefinalphaseforum.invisionzone.com]
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