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Subject NATO in Chicago, RUSSIA in Denver - SOMETHING is going to happen that week unrelated to either, and IT WILL BE BAD.......
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Original Message The stage is being set. I don't think it's a "Denver" thing or even a "Chicago" thing....but I do think something will indeed happen, something big, and during the nationwide chaos afterwards, there will be in influx of U.N. troops INTO Chicago (for the Northeast) and Denver (for middle-America). I don't think they're worried about the West Coast- that will be for China to deal with.

If the Chicago and Denver areas are locked down, and military air traffic into areas is "normal" for a period of time, will the average citizen even realize that foreign troops are pouring into the country?

What makes me wonder is if the "event" that will surely happen by or around the 20th is a MAN MADE phenomenon, or is it something natural that they aren't telling us? Mega-quake? Asteroid? Comet collision? Solar flare?

These bozos will NOT be here to help us. Any event will be used as cover to quickly implement their New World Order.

Stay safe friends. I think the next week or so is going to be one of the most important weeks of our lives. Be ready.
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