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Subject Christians : Do you know that morality points to God?
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Original Message The argument from morality has been supported by great people like Immanuel Kant, C.S. Lewis and William Lane Craig. It has enjoyed a lot of change over the centuries but now philosophers have managed to break it down to one simple argument:

(1)Objective moral values exist
(2)Objective moral values require the existence of a god
(3)Therefore, a God exists

It will become clear that this argument does not take us to the complete picture of the God of the Christian faith but it does point us to God.

Now we know objective moral values exist and by their definition are unchangeable. So we know there is a changeless essence out there that is the good. We feel guilt when we go against the good if we steal something, or lie. And guilt is only felt when some obligation or duty is broken. So we do it seems have a duty to do good.

True morality is not merely a collection of concepts agreed upon because it helps stop the guy with the gun from killing. There is something more and the Bible offers us more. It offers us an objective set of morals do not lie, do not steal, do not commit adultery, do not bear false witness, etc. These morals dont change depending on your opinion, your situation, or your personal preferences. They are based on Gods character and since God doesnt change these morals dont either. So it is always wrong to lie, to steal, to commit adultery, and to bear false witness.


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