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Original Message "Now, NASA let off a small explosive charge on the moon and all the 2 billion advanced humans and greys all shopping together in the moon cities 3000 mile wide shopping malls all heard the NASA explosive charge and the whole moon and all 2 billion ears all rang like a drum bell, so then they all shouted out hey! it's SALE time and when they said that it made hellish sounds deep inside planet Earth for Art Bell fans, and most of the 2 billion advanced humans and greys all shopping together in the 25 billion year old moon cities shopping malls all made inside Jupiter all bought the best SALE item of all, holograms of planes for the Pentagon, the holograms also make a noise, but they were holograms of grey military planes with a remote controlled device on the belly of the hologram planes, and not civilian planes, and that is why they are on SALE at the moon malls, then the Pentagon bombed themselves and didn't blame NASA or the greys and especially not the advanced shopping mall humans on the moon, but instead blamed one bearded angry peace hippy in a cave, and this allowed army intelligence to have something to talk about for a change since world war 1 yellow mustard gas on cute gals & guys and blowing up lovely horses, saying it was a plane, no, yes, no, yes, thus making jobs and economy for airforce and naval intelligence seeing that the bearded peace hippy in the cave was really onto something with all those trillions of poppies there, and to make more money for more and more nuclear power stations costing billions of dollars more, and a billion times more dangerous than the quiet, powerful, unseen, safe, coastal power stations invented by an award winning 10 year old inventor in New Zealand, and everyone in the world all of you can fly to the moon for free by ingesting poppies and Fukushima cesium plutonium about to take out the northern hemisphere of planet Earth, you will die and your soul will be sucked up into the huge black cube on top of the 20 mile high moon tower pointing towards the planet Earth, and you will all be able to argue and worry and ridicule each other for eternity, while the real M.I.B smile and grin at your pathetic human emotional energy because you were too chicken shit to properly study 'Hubble Site' and properly study and listen to all the witness testimony and all the whisleblowers testimony about thousands of types of U.F.Os visiting planet Earth from the 400 billion suns in our Milky Way Galaxy which is one Galaxy of trillions and clusters and clouds of Galaxies in the Universe. And John Lear says he is 'protected from the molecular disassociation technology weapons' even though he is telling millions of people all of this majestic cosmic top secret information, because Jason Bourne is not real, thus being free for days and weeks and years before being sucked up into the moon tower, to spill the beans on all the United States of America's cosmic top secret military trillion dollar underground naval bases and faster than light speed underground railway networks all stationed at hotel casinos, putting his life in danger again because he will now lose any war because he also told China, Russia, Japan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, Libya, and all the other countries that hate America, but wait, John Lear also told them, the real secret to life is to Love each other with the best hugs and Love you can imagine, then you will go off out into the Universe with more riches and abundance that you could ever dream of, only if you make it past the Van Allen radiation belt, which is even impassable by NASA and AREA-51".


Written by the Gold First Place Gold Award Winning UFO Researcher
Jims Space Agency at the
One Million U.F.O Researchers Project !!!

[link to MillionUFOs.blogspot.com]

beerhat dasbier

You will know what I am ranting about if you listen to John Lear here... "Coast to Coast AM - Mar 31 2012 - 9-11 Conspiracies & Lunar Civilizations." ... and also study "ReaL MiBs"... found from our many UFO web sites.

[link to Facebook.com]

Seriously, LOVE to you John Lear !!!

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