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Subject 9/11 Twilight of the Gods - End of Cabal Foretold in Poetry?
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Original Message 9/11 - End of Cabal Foretold in Poetry?

Can Poetry inspire prophectic visions?
This poem, and the story behind it, suggests that they can.

// QUOTE //

Götterdämmerung - Twilight of the gods
Prophecy within poetry and music

We may be moving into the period where former "gods" (The-Powers-That-Be perhaps?) are in their twilight.

A "Twilight of the Gods" has been foretold in ancient scared texts (such as the Voluspa), and was also the inspiration for music, such as Rickard Wagner's Gotterdammerung.

For my own part, I have experienced how reading the Voluspa could inspire visions of the near future. Most noteworthy was back in 2001 whilst I was reading (and slightly re-writing) a section of the Voluspa, I saw an image of a huge "boxy" building in flames. In fact, the flaming building was massive. I was looking upwards at it and it reminded me of the World Trade Center.

I had a real connection with that building. I once worked on the 47th floor, around the level where the first plane hit. One of the first times I went to work there, I can recall looking up at the building and wondering if - in its immensity - it would still be there in 1,000 years. At the time I was working there, I had no idea then that the WTC would be fully destroyed a mere 20 years later.

I read-and-rewrote the following poem just three weeks before 9/11, so the image that I foresaw was still a living memory for me when the incident occurred. After the shock of watching the Towers come down, I went back and looked at what I had written, and felt a chill. Following are the actual words I wrote (and published on an online website), as well as a photo that was something like the image I saw (albeit from a different angle- one I have never seen in a photo) :

/ Vision Inspired by The VOLUSPA /

TWILIGHT OF THE GODS - a rewritten poem: Is this prophetic?

Now death is the portion of doomed men,
Red with blood the buildings of gods,
The sun turns black in the summer after,
Winds whine. Old ways wheeze away.

Earth sinks in the sea, the sun turns black,
Cast down from Heaven are the hot stars,
Fumes reek, into flames burst,
The sky itself is scorched with fire.

The breath of the hungry gods stood still,
As lost Silence roamed the planet,
Uneasy in his hopeless search,
For an innocence vanished without trace.

And Peace his wandering sister was
Stranded on the burnt and damaged world
Waiting for her cousin Chaos
To deliver the final coupe-de-gras

Tired Chaos moves like an ogre
And Peace lies down finally resting.
Silence stands grieving at her grave
Vowing to take back all at night.

I see Earth rising a second time
Out of the foam, fair and green;
Down from the fells fish to capture,
Wings the eagle; waters flow.

Unsown acres shall harvests bear,
Evil be abolished, and Spring return
Yea, Summerís feast will come again.
Wise gods gone, their will lives on.

Green shafts shout their bravado
In a wicked dance of life renewed.
Birds sing alone, in twos, then twenties,
Soaring beyond the bees in flowered fields.

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