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Subject Acceptance
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Original Message Acceptance
We would like to speak to you about something very important: Acceptance. What does acceptance represent for each of you? A word? It is absolutely necessary for your evolution, to be able to understand, to be able to attain the planes of consciousness that are necessary for you in terms of your transformation.

The word acceptance can mean a multitude of things. We are going to begin with acceptance of yourself. You do not accept yourself. Acceptance and Love are part of the same energy, except that Love is an energy that is much more amplified than acceptance. You cannot attain Love without acceptance and this is at work during every second of your life, at each step of your existence. Acceptance of yourself, of who you are, of what you represent, is the most difficult.

Then, comes acceptance of the other and that is also difficult because you always project an image onto the other, you have a very personal way of perceiving and of wanting him to be as your eyes and your heart would like him to be.

Every being transforms himself at the same rhythm as you, which is to say at an extremely rapid rhythm. You are not always aware of it but this is what causes a discrepancy of appreciation, of behavior, and this is what causes a discrepancy in your families, a discrepancy that you cannot always understand.

You think that you know those who surround you, and love them for who they are but sometimes they become elusive, just as you become elusive for those who surround you. This upsets you and this can sometimes cause you anguish but this is called evolution. You must accept this transformation within you and within the other, because it is the path that leads straight to the Light and to Love.

You must understand also that the other, no matter how harsh he may be towards you, and unjust sometimes, is the maker of your evolution. You must understand that the experiences that they make you go through are evolving, and that you should ask yourself: What is this person who is making me suffer bringing to me?

Once you have the answer, you will know that you are on the road of evolution, and at that moment, no matter how harsh the other may have been towards you, you will have an immense Love for him, a great respect for what he was able to set off in you to propel you much farther on your evolving path. The one who made you evolve like that is not always conscious of the role that he had to play for you. It is for this that you must never hold a grudge against the one who hurt you.

The biggest obstacle in the evolution of man, in his evolution, is what you call on earth the ego that generates wounds and vexations in your personality. Some humans are unable to pardon them, because they produce in them a profound feeling of resentment, and that is to be avoided absolutely.

Always remember what we are telling you: no matter what your brother may do to you, just or unjust, never harbor resentment against him. He is the maker of your evolution, he is the one who can allow you to see what you need to transform within yourself. Sometimes he is conscious of it, but he who is aware of the work that he makes his brother do has already gone beyond a certain comprehension of his own evolution, that is to say that he is beginning to go to the essential.

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