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Original Message Sing Hallelujah!

We are now officially mid-point on the Pre-Trib Rapture Timeline!!!

June 23rd I had a dream. I had a dream that after the rapture when the EMP effect wore off and they got the systems back and running, Christians SHOULD NOT WATCH TELEVISION. It was filled with the most vile and wicked things I have ever seen in my life. I even had to record some of them and play them back just to check. I had never used kitchen implements like that with Shanice. I was not sure if what the three men and the woman were even doing until I turned my head on its side. Then I was outraged and shocked. I rewound it four times to check that it was a truly sinful evil act I had been made to watch by Satan. Damn you evil one for making me watch it four times!!

I was wondering why I even saw this because it was so wicked. But I guess that I needed to really understand from the Lord that to be left behind, these people would be exposed to it and I needed to warn them. The innocence was over in that time. Every imaginable deed was performed on television and some that I hadn't imagined. In the dream an older woman of God, who was born again and still on this Earth with me was showing me the screen. And when I was speaking to this woman, she started crying uncontrollably and pointing behind me. She said I SEE JESUS BEHIND YOU. But all I could see was more perverted sex acts. This time involving two women and four men, who would swap and the women were dressed like french maids.

She told me that the Lord had to come back to get His bride for this was what was coming. But God would not do these sinful things with His Bride. Not even God had imagined that a spatula, cheese grater, whisk and large wooden spoon could be made to do what they were doing in that terrible evil wicked sinful movie.

The next thing I saw was that freeways were torn apart. I saw people trying to get from point A to point B. They were walking and trying to see if their bikes would work. I saw the bodies of dead aliens along the freeways. And as I was walking with people I said to them, be very careful of these aliens for I believe that some of them may be appearing to play dead in order to grab a person and eat them. There were rewards for people to bring any dead alien bodies to scientists and people were taking risks.

I didn't record or rewind the part with the aliens. There wasn't as much moral decadent filth with them.

I prayed to Jesus and asked Him to take me back to the future with Him and back to my pet dinosaur Hovind. Then suddenly I had a vision of Him!! And when I saw Him, His robe was very long and it had a massive amount of wind around Him (not toilet wind, actual pure clear wind) and His robe was like a train (not a passenger train, it didn't have people in it buying coffee in an over-priced buffet car), very long and it swayed in the wind.
I remembered I was sitting on the beach in 1998 and He was walking to me from the horizon of the ocean at daybreak while while His white robe swayed in the wind. It was just like that. But this time He brought me no ice cream cone as a gift as soon the Rapture will be here. He was showing me that going to church, reading the word, being a disciple, figuring out what it means to die to self, live in holiness, taking up one's cross daily, having balance, understanding the scriptures was what we should have been doing all along. But now is the time to start focusing on Jesus return. Jesus told me that I am not talking rubbish, or making up Rapture dates and that the naysayers and atheists are just jealous of my talents.

Please pray up, pack up, and heads up. We are going home.
Wesley Ron Gus Reese

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