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Subject Hallucinogens' [drugs] effects on our being. (spiritual)
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Original Message Our astral body is one (maybe the most important one) part of our whole anime. We, as multidimensional beings, can be best identified with our astral identity - which is immortal and contains & carries the deep emotional set of us. The astral includes the chakras.

Our astral body gets constantly assigned under certain frequencies. The frequencies our astral body gets assigned to are detrimental to our whole being, even to our mental and as well, as a consequence, to the physical aspect.

You must be aware that inside us there is an ongoing process of inner alchemy. You can feel it if you concentrate enough. That is an ongoing process of rising and falling frequencies, alternating with each other, pretty much like a harmonious melody, or a compound forming - which at the end transforms to 'gold'.

So our astral body, and thus our whole being as well, moves towards different frequencies of vibration. In this way we spiritually transform/evolve. This is of the Universal Law.

What drugs do is that they 'rob us' of our spiritual progress.

What drugs do is that upon their ingestion they automatically assign you to a fixed frequency. You no longer hold your own evolutionary-obtained frequency, but you are assigned to a that specific one (the one of the plant's).

That's the reason why you feel so 'washed off' of everything you 've been under lately at that time. You 've got rid of your past problems / emotions, but also of your spiritual progress.

Spiritual progress comes from that inner alchemical process happening inside you. When you get rid of your vibratory always-alternating state and voluntarily assign to that of a foreign substance's, like cannabis, it's like throwing off your valuable gems which you passed a very long and difficult time to form.

After the drug's effects have passed you feel empty, 'washed off', and you have a sensation likely to 'missing' something major -yet you don't know what it is.

It feels like everything has gone once again to the 'start point' - like everything else be4 has never actually happened and you have to go under it all once again. Yet what has happened is that you vibrate in a new frequency, which is not necessarily a more enlightening one. It's not your own frequency - you 've been surpressed in terms of frequencies - you didn't remain sovereign. (Whoever who might read the "Bringers of the Dawn" would be familiar to these terms of 'frequencies/vibratory states' and the 'importance of sovereignity on them. They never discuss about drugs though)

At least this is my opinion. post yours. I 've been and I still am interested in this topic.

Furthermore , we actually constantly get under hallucinogenic effect in a small degree - sometimes it happens through inhaling tobacco smoke, and in another way by brain produced DMT.

Now from the above rises an important question. How could it be that DMT which is hallucinogenic gets produced in our own body? Maybe DMT (maybe we could say the same for other hallucinogens as well?) is not damageful when produced in a perfectly balanced and controlled rate by our organism?

Maybe the hallucinogens are not damageful themselves when produced internally - but only when injected (so, when intruding in an rate uncontrolled by the organism) in the organism without the proper conditions are formerly met? your thoughts... and please, I expect serious insights.

sorry for any spelling or syntax errors. I typed this quite in a hurry.
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