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Subject I saw a UFO... perhaps a TR3B??? NO... no pictures or video... I know.
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Original Message A few years ago i was at a public park with about 6 or 7 friends. Sun was coming down on a summer evening, when I noticed a bright light in the sky... a solid, white light that was very bright and it wasn't blinking. We all watched for the next 5 to 7 minutes as the craft got closer and closer. It was very low to the ground... perhaps a few hundred yards/meters off the ground. It was traveling so slowly, to the point that it seemed it shouldn't have been able to stay afloat... it was nearly hovering. To top it all off, it was SILENT!

It was a perfect triangle. I guess this was pretty damn close to what we saw:

IMAGE ( [link to www.brainsturbator.com] )

But instead of the hull being mostly black, it was actually glowing multiple colors... I mean, entire sections on the ship were GLOWING, not like a light-bulb illuminating parts of the hull.

Anyway, it CONTINUED on in its slow, straight path and within perhaps 15 minutes it was gone. We were beyond excited... I was actually expecting to get home and see news stories that we were being invaded or something. It was the most life-changing experience of my life. I had seen strange lights before, I've briefly seen a cigar-shaped metallic object in the sky... but nothing like this. Perhaps it's a TR3B (interestingly, the park we were at is a former Nike Missile Site that has been (supposedly) decommissioned for years. But who knows. I wish I had pics or video... this event truly changed my life.

Anyone else had experience with similar phenomena??
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