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Original Message Its a cracking analysis of why Britain should be out of Europe

Pt 2 of the excerpts from "A Doomed Marriage"

After 13 years as an MEP, Daniel Hannan's knowledge of the way Brussels works is second to none. Now he has written a forensic analysis of why it's rotten to the core. Yesterday, in our exclusive serialisation, he examined how the euro has brought ruin to Europe. Today he argues that Britain must break with Brussels if its economy is to prosper again...

Every nation joins the European Union for its own reasons. The French saw an opportunity to enlarge their gloire, the Italians were sick of a corrupt and discredited political class.

The burghers of the Low Countries had had enough of being dragged into wars between their larger neighbours, and the former Communist states saw membership as an escape from Soviet domination.

One thing in common is that they all joined out of a sense of pessimism: that they couldn't succeed alone.

[link to www.dailymail.co.uk]

Pt 1 here

The case against Europe: Doomsayers wail that a euro break-up would trigger Armageddon. Thatís what they said about us leaving the ERM Ė but it sparked an economic boom!

Over 13 years as an MEP, Daniel Hannan has witnessed first-hand how Brussels works. Now he has written a forensic analysis of why itís rotten to the core. Yesterday, in part one of our exclusive serialisation, he laid bare the EUís utter contempt for democracy. Today, he examines the rise ó and imminent fall ó of the euro . . .

How did so many clever people get it so wrong? The flaws in the euro project were visible at the outset. It was never going to be possible to jam widely divergent economies into a single monetary policy.

Yet, in every national parliament, in every central bank, in every university faculty, in every BBC editorial conference, there was a collective suspension of disbelief.

Why? What were supporters of the single currency thinking?

Sometimes I wonder if it wasnít so much a case of them liking the euro but more that they disliked the people who opposed it. They characterised opponents as xenophobes and Blimps, fogeys and Little Englanders, in contrast to their own image of themselves as progressive, cultured, free-thinkers.


The stage would be set for a split between a core Europe of tightly integrated states and a much looser association of peripheral countries, linked to the core by free trade and inter-governmental collaboration rather than common political structures.

Alternatively ó as I will argue tomorrow ó Britain could set the whole ball rolling. We should exit the EU ó and do everyone a favour in the process.

[link to www.dailymail.co.uk]
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