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Subject Entire Eastern Seaboard Will Be Under 100ft Of Water In 2013 - Claims Andrew Basiago (Time Traveler - Project Pegasus)
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Original Message I know there has been many threads on GLP about this Time traveler, especially on how he has been to Mars, but I thought I'd post this again due to the mention of him seeing the US Supreme Court Building being under 100ft of water.

Also, I thought I'd post it when there is a number of scenarios floating about recently that could cause a widespread Tsunami, 1) A big Earthquake being overdue and 2) El Hierros Cliffs could fall. These are big possibilities and could happen at any time but recently, there has been more worry than usual. Also with all the weird weather we have been having, it does make one think.......

While some of the claims this man is making is laughable, his background credentials says he is a clever man and there might just be some truth to this....

Do I believe everything he says? Not everything, but I sort of believe him about seeing the future or seeing future events, why? because I have myself had a premonition that happened the day after, that was in 2001 and still till this day, I don't know why It happened....

Andrew D Basiago

Andrew D Basiago is currently the president of MARS (Mars Anomaly Research Society).

He was born on September 18, 1961 in Morristown, New Jersey, the youngest of five children, and grew up in Northern New Jersey and Southern California.

Andy was one of the “whiz kids” who served from 1969 to 1972 in DARPA’s time-space exploration program, Project Pegasus. Soon, he will publish his long-awaited memoir of his childhood experiences in US time travel research at the time of its emergence.

A past member of Mensa, the high IQ society, Andy holds five academic degrees, including a Bachelor of Arts in History from UCLA and a Master of Philosophy from the University of Cambridge.

While an undergraduate at UCLA, he became a journalist and a protégé of editor Norman Cousins of the Saturday Review, who once compared Andy to Robert Hutchins and nominated him to be the Editor of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

Andy studied environmental law at Northwestern School of Law of Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, and then went on to design nature-friendly urban plans for cities in California and study environmental law with Professor Malcolm Grant at Cambridge.
 Quoting: Andrew D Basiago


Project Pegasus is a quest. Project Pegasus was begun in 1968 by Andrew D. Basiago, when he was serving as a child participant in the US time-space exploration program, Project Pegasus. Andy, a lawyer in private practice in Washington, was the first American child to teleport and one of America’s early time-space explorers, as told in his soon-to-be-published book, Once Upon a Time in Time’s Stream: My Adventures in Project Pegasus at the Dawn of the Time-Space Age. Andy serves as Team Leader of Project Pegasus. The mission of Project Pegasus is to lead the legal and political campaign to urge the US government to disclose its teleportation capability, so that this life-advantaging technology can be used by humanity to achieve planetary sustainability.
 Quoting: Project Pegasus

Snippets Of Website and the Information on him seeing The Eastern Seaboard Being Under Water (Bolded)

In this fascinating, six-hour interview, (links below) American lawyer Andrew D. Basiago, 47, narrates the hidden history of his discovery of life on Mars in 2008 and reveals the fact that by 1968 the US intelligence community was already aware of aspects of his later Mars work.

Andy relates his experiences in DARPAs Project Pegasus during the period 1969 to 1972, and describes probes to past and future events that he took via teleportation and chronovision during the early days of time-space exploration by the US government.

He confirms that the United States has been teleporting individuals to Mars for decades, and recounts the awe-inspiring and terrifying trips that he took to Mars in 1981 after he was tapped to go there because he had teleported as a child participant in Project Pegasus.

“According to Andy, by 1968, the CIA was already teleporting individuals to the past and future to retrieve artifacts there and bring them back, while propagating holograms of past and future events with devices called chronovisors to also gather intelligence.

In one time probe to the future undertaken by Project Pegasus from a chronovisor device located at ITT Defense Communications in Nutley, NJ, Mr. Basiago viewed the US Supreme Court building in Washington, DC as it would be in the year 2013. During this probe, he found that the Supreme Court building was under 100 feet of stagnant water and reported this to the Lieutenant Commander from the Office of Naval Intelligence who debriefed him after the probe to the future was completed. He hastens to add that because the chronovisors did not identify absolute, deterministic futures but rather alternate futures in the “multi-verse,” this catastrophic vision of Washington, DC might be from an alternative time line that does not materialize on our time line.

During this time frame, he said he witnessed an accident in which a boy's feet were sheared off after he was teleported. He also talked about how the teleportation technology could be used for time travel, and the development of "chronovisors" which allowed holographic recordings to be made of historically significant events such as the crucifixion of Jesus, and the signing of the US Constitution. In one chronovisor recording of the future he was able to witness in 1971, he described seeing the US Supreme Court building under 100 ft. of brackish water in the year 2013, suggesting that the entire Eastern seaboard will be flooded.

Time travel technology enabled the US to win the Cold War, as the government teleported military secrets into the future, to store for safekeeping, he detailed. The technology was also used to brief US Presidents like Clinton, the Bushes, and Obama about their destiny, years before they became President, Basiago claimed. He also asserted that Donald Rumsfeld and Gov. Bill Richardson both served in Project Pegasus, and he invited them to come forward with the truth.
 Quoting: Andrew D Basiago

Read More Here (Excellent Read):
[link to www.greatdreams.com]

Life on Mars by Andrew Basiago (PDF)
[link to exopolitics.blogs.com]
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