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Subject After royal prank tragedy, Aussie DJ show canceled
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Original Message This story is absurd and doesn't add up.

First of all, radio DJ pranks are stupid, often offensive and gross, much of the time they're just juvenile.

I couldn't care less about the royals and am not defending these two from the radio because I read they've done some offensive and idiotic stuff in the past, but imo, they should not be held accountable for the nurse's death.

And here's why:

Are we really supposed to believe that the royal family had not implemented some form of security for communication between the palace and the hospital?

This is the hospital used by the royals and surely they must have either a direct line (think: Batman's special red phone line) or some type of code system in place that allows the hospital to verify their identity.

If they did not, that means that anyone could call the hospital and claim to be any member of the royal family, which is outrageous, given all the ultra-security measures in place to protect them in everything they do. So if they want privacy and protection, it is incumbent upon the royals and their security team to implement such; if they don't, then they have to take into account that some people will likely try to get information, such as the prying media (or stupid DJ prank calls).

The nurse who died only took the call and put it through to the attending nurse who actually verbally provided the information to the DJs.

So the nurse who died apparently did NOTHING other than transfer a call.

Is that something that would cause a sane person to commit suicide? Imo, NO.

The hospital says they did not reprimand her and her co-workers were supporting her; even the royals claim they made no formal complaint.

So what about this innocuous incident would drive the mother of two children to kill herself?

There must be more to the story.

Either she was already terribly mentally unstable or someone was involved in her death.

Has it even been determined for certain that it was suicide?

Has it been determined where her husband and children were at the time of her death?

The prank was stupid and should send a message to all radio stations that maybe it's time to knock it off. I don't know that these two should have been fired, but I do think if people are going to comment on this story, they should look more to the woman and consider that she may have been dealing with serious issues and/or demons and understand how utterly selfish it is for a MOTHER of young kids to kill herself over some silly nothing of an issue related to a job - especially given that no harm was done to anyone as a result of her transferring the call.

IF she did kill herself over that, then clearly the woman did not possess the sanity and rationale to understand how absolutely insignificant the whole thing was.

That said, it is important for people to take into account that even something silly, meaningless, harmless, etc. might be enough to drive an already very unstable person over the edge. Of course, there is no way that anyone can know that about everyone they deal with personally and professionally.

After royal prank tragedy, Aussie DJ show canceled

CANBERRA, Australia Two Australian radio announcers who made a prank call to a British hospital treating Prince William's pregnant wife Kate broke a three-day silence Monday to speak of their distress at the apparent suicide of the nurse who took their call. Their show, "Hot 30," has been terminated, the station's parent company, Southern Cross Austereo (SCA), said in a statement Monday. SCA also announced a company-wide suspension of prank calls.

The 2DayFM Sydney-based announcers, Mel Greig and Michael Christian, said the tragedy had left them "shattered, gutted, heartbroken."

[link to news.msn.com]
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