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Subject Deaf Children abused by priests, nuns & staff at St. Rita School (Catholic Residential School in Cincinnati)
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Original Message Watch this video of great impact where one of the many deaf victim testifies to the abuse committed by priests and nuns at the St. Rita School for the Deaf (built in 1915 and still running to-date!).

[link to www.youtube.com]

Over 350 children have been abused at St Rita School for deaf and amongst the criminal pedophile priests Father Paul Klenke - who died in 1983. The victim in this video speaks out against the fact that this abusive priest molested her and her late brother. She states all the boys were innocent, and wishes they were strong enough to tell their story. She further discloses how she informed Sister Jane Bernadette about the abuse she had suffered at the hands of the pedophile priests - stating that the nun had heard her babble off..and she took her advice.....the question is: WHY DID THIS CRIMINAL NUN ALSO NOT REPORT THIS CRIME IF SHE IS SUPPOSEDLY THERE TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN?

The answer is that the nuns and priests in an organized crime scheme of course, so why would they report any crime if they are all well aware of why the Vatican constructs orphanages, residential schools and other institutions to abuse children without anyone suspecting anything.

The Protect Your Children Foundation encourages any one who has been a victim of this corrupt religious system to speak out. We have recently learned the following disturbing notice in regards to the St. Rita School for the Deaf as posted on [link to www.bulletinboards.com]

"It is my understanding that SNAP, including David Clohessey, made the promise to represent over 275 victims from St. Rita's School For the Deaf, and then refused to show up on the day of the planned press release & march, leaving the deaf victims that showed up to fend for on their own with the non-disabled news media, Not a person from SNAP even bothered to show up, including David Clohessy who promised the deaf victims that He would be there to speak on their behalf, and hasn't bothered to even attempt to work with the group of Deaf Survivors since.

[link to www.wlwt.com]

I also understand that not only did SNAP refuse to honor their promise to make the same type of press release that they use over & over on hearing victims, but they also left the 43 deaf women who did bother to show up and attend to not have the same luxury or respect that hearing survivors would have at answering the lies released by the Archdiocese of Cincinnatti.

[link to www.wlwt.com]

[link to www.bishop-accountability.org]

[link to www.wlwt.com]

Why did SNAP try to keep this horrific story of abused students silent for so long, yet SNAP and Jeffery Anderson can't make enough press releases concerning the Deaf Boys School in Wisconsin? The only difference is that the deaf victims in Ohio will never get the justice they deserve after Blaine & SNAP so foolishly sabotaged the efforts for any SOL reform in Ohio, while Jeffery Anderson conviently just happens to have the Wisconsin Deaf School Victims as his clients. It sure looks like Jeffery Anderson sets the tune that SNAP dances to."

We encourage any victim to reach out to us at [email protected]

Any day now the Vatican will go up in flames, as it is written that this Great Harlot will be destroyed forever in this last hour as it is the mother of all abominations on Earth.

[link to www.vaticancrimes.us]
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