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Subject HOBBIT Reborn: Tolkien, the Bible and the Illuminati
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Original Message Check out the map of the Island Numenor which Tolkien made, about 1/3rd down the page... the Pentagram superimposed in red on the map.

Reminds you of the map of North America all over GLP, doesn't it now?


"When we discuss the matter of the secret societies and the Illuminati, it's inevitable to make the comparison to Tolkien. Sauron is of course Satan/Lucifer with his occult power, and Gandalf is a member of a Brotherhood called "The Wizard's Council", which is a secret society in itself with magic rituals and esoteric wisdom.

"The hobbits would from this viewpoint be the ignorant homo sapiens, who don't want to get involved and don't know very much about what is going on around and above them anyway. Just like in the world today, ignorant people are used for 'greater purposes' by the secret societies, without knowing that they are being used.

"Then there are the orchs, of course. I can't help comparing them to the small, gray aliens with their underground bases and malign intents. It seems like the Grays are hybrids and hence 'created' and crossbred. So were the orchs, created by Melkor, the 'fallen angel'. Interesting also that Tolkien created a whole separate world with tunnels underneath the mountains. Many secret societies claim that the Earth is hollow and strange creatures live underneath the surface of the Earth.

"...It's interesting from this viewpoint to compare the power-struggle of Middle-Earth with the power-struggle on Earth today, as we know it from a magical point of view.

"Because that's exactly what is going on today - an occult power-struggle above ordinary people's heads. We are the 'ignorant', the 'sheep', and the magicians are the 'shepherds' (from an occult standpoint, not a Christian), eager to keep the sheep within their fold, so they themselves can stay busy with creating an empire for them to rule over.

[link to www.illuminati-news.com]

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