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Subject What is the soul?
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Original Message People who are scientifically minded discount the soul. For them, the word has no meaning, because they have no frame of reference.

Frame of reference is
“a set of ideas, conditions, or assumptions that determine how something will be approached, perceived, or understood “

[link to www.merriam-webster.com]
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Since they don't believe that spirituality is a valid way to look at the Universe, they discount (reduce its worth) the word soul, for that word implies spirituality. That circuitous thinking impedes them from accepting it exists.

A soul is being. It is the being that occupies your body and may also exist in a timeless measureless way.

Physicists believe that there may be ten dimensions. Since the body can only exist in three dimensions, we may not be able to perceive the soul.

Imagine you could see all of your life from conception to death at once. That would be perceiving your life in four dimensions. The dizzying flurry of information would overwhelm the intellect, wouldn't it? It would stun you.

Sometimes, something happens to us medically. We harm the body so much, that consciousness leaves the body. That consciousness often has a Near Death Experience (NDE).

That consciousness is probably the soul.

The Soul is nothing more than the spirit that inhabits the body. Your soul most likely slowly perceives information that the brain is measuring. I think that measurement and recording of information is the intellect.

The intellect communicates to the Soul. The Soul then says, “Well when that happened before, you did this. That worked or didn't work. Why not try this?”

The Soul is trying to communicate with you, but also tried to discover what “being” means. This search for “being” is the meaning of Life.

One definition of God is...the Source of All Being. In other words, God is Ultimate Reality. From God, one aspect is that God creates all being and so from God comes all reality. God lends being to all things.

In other words, God EXISTS and hence you exist.

This is why your soul (consciousness) searches for the nature of reality.
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