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Subject March 22 2013, 33 anniversary of Georgia Guidestones - False Flag Alert
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Original Message (Stone)Do bad things happen on Mar 22 every year? Here is one from the 30 year anniversary of Georgia guide stones
[link to musicians4freedom.com]

The 33 year anniversery of georgia guidstones is on March 22 2013 - What treachery can we expect?
Whatever is planned, we can expect that it will be something to further move us towards the stated goal of reducing world population to below 500,000,000. or other stated goals on the stones. Im not into numerology or whatever other mumbo jumbo is involved, however the satanic superclass do believe in this type of hocus pocus crap and may be set to unleash some heinous deed on this day. Obama is due to be in Israel the 20-22 of March, (logistically convenient if they plan to stage an attack on the continental United States)

There is a time capsule as well at the guidestones site, oddly with no date [link to thegeorgiaguidestones.com]
Could this "small group of Americans" mentioned be the Illuminati's Skull and Bones chapter?

322 is skull and bones number... 3/22.....2013
There are 33 admitted degree's in free-masonry, beyond which are the secret orders, all presidents since JFK have been 33 or above masons. Major earthquakes seem to be on a 188 day cycle...
March 22 is the 188th day of the year... Haarp and other resonance systems are admittedly capable of generating earthquakes among other disasters... Criminal cabalists have been known to carry out false flag terrorist acts... Many of them openly call for genocidal wars, austerity, false flags, and forced depopulation...

See March 22 Warning - [link to blogdogcicle.blogspot.ca]

See also Illuminati Genocidal Depopulation Looming - [link to blogdogcicle.blogspot.ca]
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