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Subject Scientifically you are Blind !!
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Original Message Before you assume if there is a God or Not

Before you Describe What is God and what he is like

Before you Disbelieve in any other Creatures ( Demons, Angels and Whatever) or after-lives

Always Remember....

-That our eyes cannot see more than 0.00001% from what is really there..

-That our eyes only see a very short range from the electromagnetic spectrum.. about 1% or less from it .. anyhow its infinite..

-That we are limited in a 3D dimension reality.. From how many ? We are not sure !! But cannot even visualize what is there in the higher dimensions or even what it could look like...

-That we live in an infinite universe that mean an infinite number of possibilities,, in other words,, we are living in world do not know the term impossible..

But only one thing that you should have an ultimate believe in it.. that there so much beyond what you see and think...

Do not waste you time in seeking to disbelieve in the 99.9999999% that you cannot see or reach

Think beyond and seek for reasons to Believe and you will find 99.9999999999% of reasons to help you believe..

[ But they have rejected a thing they could not comprehend with knowledge, while its ultimate end has not appeared to them as yet.] [Quran 10:39]

Peace to everyone
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