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Subject The RFID chip is the final nail ..., its the materialization of the mark of the beast you're wearing since you've lost the Golden Path
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Original Message Swap your mark of the beast/anti-christ for Christ's Seal now

Since you were baptized, and as life continued, you made your experiences, negative and positive, unfortunately most of the contemporary people got lost and abandoned the Golden Path of Christ - including many, so called Christians (exoteric christians, vatican, churchianity) themselves.

Exoteric Christians fight each other of scripts and dogmas, unable to see the plain truth in front of their eyes, that all of us, the Jews, the Muslims, the Hindus, Buddhists, ... have only ONE GOD. True religious people have no reason to argue with each other, obviously others, use religion to manipulate and further their anti-christian agenda.

Esoteric Christians are better prepared to follow Christ's path, they only need, sort of, fine tuning to walk His Path.

Now, it really gets interesting. The more you get lost on Christ's path, you'll enter other paths, paths of the anti-christ, and as we watch the scenario closely on our planet, one must admit that many have chosen the path of the anti-christ, consciously or unconsciously.

Now ask yourselves, which path you're walking? That of Christ or the other path?

Most of you may have realized already, that it is very difficult to keep up with the Life of Jesus Christ. Knowing this, its not difficult to say, that most of the people on this planet, are not really into Christ's teaching, they live a life of somebody else - more or less anti-christian. That means, while they wear their etheric/spiritual mark of the beast every day, without even knowing it, they work, drink, laugh, eat, love, meet, discuss, chat in forums, ...

Its high time to free yourselves from the beast/anti-christ and his mark and swap it for the mark of Christ and His Life.

To accept the RFID chip is just the final nail in your coffin, symbolically speaking, its the materialization of your etheric/spiritual mark of the beast/anti-christ, you're already wearing since you lost the Golden Path of Christ and God.

The RFID chip is just another big business (Eierlegendewollmilchsau) brought to you by the industry of the anti-christ/beast.

Get rid of the mark of the beast and swap it for the Mark of Christ, the sooner the better ..

I wish you all Love, Wisdom, Truth, Light and Power to swap for the Mark of Christ and to work for the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness on Earth ...

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