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Subject What is the "end game"?
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Original Message What is the end game of the elite? When the engineered collapse of global society finally happens…what is the point? What do they really want or need?

I know everyone has their favorite “boogeyman”…their favorite “puppeteer behind the curtains and pulling the strings.

For some it is the Illuminati.

Others say it will be the freemasons, or the Templars

Some think it will be a secret society of Satan worshippers…etc…etc…etc.

Now regardless of who you think is pushing for world collapse and domination…what is their endgame? Why do it at all?

For slavery? It’s been proven humans do not breed or work well in direct captivity…the “illusion” of freedom is important to productivity.

For control? You control the money, you can easily “persuade” anyone to do what you want them to do.

For wealth? Hell they already have control of most of the wealth. They can do anything they want.

For sex? They can buy anyone they want…female or male.

Seriously. I am curious.

I read over the threads here and other places all the time and I agree, there is a devil in the details somewhere. I think it’s obvious that someone is manipulating everything…wars, food, resources, population and currency. The real questions is…

Why? They already control everything…why destroy and depopulate and control? Why must misery be brought down in order to control the masses? Seems to me the best idea was the illusion of freedom and liberty. Where your “cage” is just big enough… you never saw the bars and gates... and you think you are free.

Love to hear everyone’s opinions as to what you think the “end game” of the elite really is and why.
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