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Subject For all eyes to see... the so called "deep secrets" of Satan.
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Original Message Directly from the horse's mouth.. or mind as it were.

The "so called" secrets of Satan [link to unduecoercion.com]

And now, to hell with all the Satan crap.. the Apocalypse of Adam:

Intertwined in a helical spiral, the 7 seals of Revelation and the 7 days of creation spin around truth, whirling around the trinity of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. A sincere commentary on the duality of nature, technology, and knowledge--one which is only "made good" when joined at the hip with caution, morality, and a great deal of luck. Our "singularity," the influx of ideas and information which has been slowly trickling like a creek through a rock wall from the days of Newton's apple, to Apple Computer's 1984 television add... filled between by the holy sea, ha'esh--humanity blissfully... in the dark.

[link to www.unduecoercion.com]

It is Shavuot 2014, and the giving of the Torah is the illumination of its hidden message, that we are in the Apocalypse, and Rome, Egypt, Eden, and Jerusalem are all congealing around.. America and Earth, the true Living Book, as the page turns... all books in the Pentateuch point to the giving of the law, Leviticus. As we approach Pentecost, this is the year the the devarim become the fingers of the Loving Hand, to be writers rather than written...

[link to www.unduecoercion.com]

Science and knowledge aside, this is what it's really all about. Adam's family, all his children, really all humanity are Family in Eden. Cousins in Christ, the Sea we should see.. our love for one another is truly what will set us all free. Humor doesn't fall short in the book of WE, to tell us all that it's not a single Me, or a Messiah that can change the tides, but a we, all family, all together, with eyes to see.

[link to www.unduecoercion.com]
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