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Subject FIVE MESSAGES FOR THE BLIND - Crop Circle Decoded
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Original Message (The crop circle actually contains five messages and this post has been updated to reflect that.)

The following crop circle was found July 28th 2012 at Jubilee Copse, near Hannington, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Note that a jubilee is a “time or season for rejoicing.”

Blind Message
(picture from cropcirclecenter. com)

One of the first things to note is that this circle is made with very crooked lines, which was purposeful humor on the part of the secondary midwayer who created it. This crop circle encodes two messages in braille, which I find highly amusing. This message is for blind fools who think men tramp around Wiltshire during the height of tourist season with boards and sticks creating highly intricate pieces of art in the dark of night. If you haven't the logical mind to figure out why that is ridiculous, why should they bother with precise intricate lines? I still laugh to myself when I look at this circle.

Here is the diagram I used to solve for the two messages that are contained within it. It is flipped around 180 degrees from the photograph above, so that the thick line is on the left instead of the right. However, the “top” is actually the right edge in the diagram below for reading the braille symbols, as you can tell from the direction of my written scribbles.

Blind Diagram

I used a few different online sources to decode the messages but the main guide I depended on for the rules of written braille is at the following link:

[link to www.htctu.fhda.edu]

The braille “letters” in the crop circle are as follows:

[capitalize next letter] [h, have] [ing] [empty cell, space] [wh, which] [4-6 dot final letter contraction]
[w, will] [k, knowledge] [k, knowledge] [st, still, slash] [a] [n, name]
[in] [ow] [t, that] [wh, which] [and] [for]
[dis, dd, .] [en] [dis, dd, .] [ar] [be, bb] [con, cc, :]

Each symbol usually has more than one meaning, often standing for both a letter and a word. For the sake of clarity I will select the correct value for each letter for the first message before I unscramble them. The braille “letters” in the first message are the following:

[capitalize next letter] [have] [ing] [empty cell] [which] [4-6 dot final letter contraction]
[will] [knowledge] [k] [st] [a] [n]
[in] [ow] [t] [wh] [and] [for]
[dis] [en] [dd] [ar] [be] [con]

The braille symbols in the correct order for the first message are below.

[wh] [a] [t] [dis] [k] [be] [st] [ow] [ing] [for] [knowledge] [in] [capitalize next letter] [4-6 dot final letter contraction] [n] [and] [which] [will] [have] [ar] [con] [en] [dd]

This works out to the following string.

The first message contained in the crop circle is in corrected English below. I have replaced “Sion” with the more well known spelling “Zion” for clarity.

What disk be stowing foreknowledge in Zion and which will have archon end?

“Stow” means “to place or arrange, especially in a neat, compact way” or “to pack tightly.” And the disk with foreknowledge tightly packed within it is the circular ASCII binary coded disk next to the face of Caligastia discovered in a crop circle August 15th 2002. This disk was discussed in my post Thread: FALL OF THE MAD LEOPARD - Crop Circle Message Decoded the other day. And it is the second message in this disk, encoded in the capital letters, that gave foreknowledge of Zion and an archon ending. That message is below for comparison.


Salem is Jerusalem and equivalent to Zion. Archon is a Greek word meaning basically “ruler, or lord” and is used in the New Testament as a word for prince in phrases such as “prince of the world' and “prince of devils." Both “evil prince” and “archon” are references to Caligastia.

The coded disk of August 15th 2002 stowed foreknowledge of the imminent departure of Machiventa Melchizedek for Urantia on July 30th 2004, which was described in crop circle pictograms of seraphic transport. Reference my post on the subject, Thread: I SAW THREE SHIPS - Crop Circle Analysis

There is a second message encoded within the same braille symbols in this crop circle. Below are the symbols relisted with the correct values for the next message.

[capitalize next letter] [have] [ing] [empty cell] [which] [4-6 dot final letter contraction]
[will] [k] [k] [st] [a] [n]
[in] [ow] [that] [which] [and] [for]
[dis] [en] [dd] [ar] [be] [con]

These symbols are rearranged in correct order below.

[and] [which] [ar] [con] [will] [have] [dis] [en] [4-6 dot final letter contraction] [n] [for] [that] [which] [a] [k] [in] [dd] [capitalize next letter] [k] [ing] [be] [st] [ow]

They make the following string.


In proper English, the second message is as follows:

And which archon will have dissension for that which a kind King bestow?

I think we know the answer to that question; once again the messenger is referring to Caligastia. I think the “King” in this sentence is probably Master Michael rather than Machiventa for a couple of reasons. First, the word is capitalized, this is an important King. And second, the use of the word bestow. Master Michael was our Paradise Bestowal Son, while Machiventa is our vicegerent Planetary Prince.

The fact that there are two symbols [dis, dd, .] when one could be replaced with the braille “letter” [d, day] is another message in itself. There are two braille symbols that mean “period” or “end of the sentence” in the crop circle. This tells us the crop circle encoded not one but two messages, both of which I have decoded, so based on that clue it is unlikely there are any more messages in this crop circle.


UPDATE: There are three more messages in the “crop circle” encoded in reverse braille. What I previously thought was a clue that there were only two messages (two “dd” symbols) is actually caused by the other messages in reverse braille. The second diagram below is oriented the same as the first diagram.

Blind Diagram 2

The braille symbols in reverse braille are as follows:

[k,knowledge] [of] [th,this] [ch,child] [sh,shall] [g,go]
{i} [v,very] [e,every] [y,you] [m,more] [t,that]
{i} [m,more] [e,every] [with] [th,this] [q,quite,quiet]
[p,people] [l,like] [a] [n,not] [e,every] [t,that]

The first message in reverse braille was previously solved and listed at Crop Circle Connector as a solution. The correct symbol values for the first message are below.

[knowledge] [of] [this] [child] [shall] [g]
{i} [v] [e] [you] [more] [t]
{i} [m] [e] [with] [this] [quiet]
[p] [l] [a] [n] [e] [t]

This message does not need to be unscrambled and produces the following string.

[knowledge] [of] [this] [child] [shall] [g] {i} [v] [e] [you] [more] [t] {i} [m] [e] [with] [this] [quiet] [p] [l] [a] [n] [e] [t]

This sentence is in proper English below.

Knowledge of this child shall give you more time with this quiet planet.

This sentence is more understandable when the word “quiet” is defined as “not showy or obtrusive, unpretentious, modest.” With this less common definition, “quiet” is a synonym for “humble.”

For the second message in reverse braille, the correct values for the symbols are listed below.

[k] [of] [th] [child] [shall] [g]
{i} [v] [e] [y] [m] [t]
{i} [m] [e] [with] [this] [q]
[p] [l] [a] [n] [e] [that]

When unscrambled, these symbols form the following string.

[this] [p] {i} [th] [of] [m] [y] [v] {i} [n] [e] [shall] [g] [e] [t] [q] [k] [with] [that] [m] [a] [l] [e] [child]

This string is below in corrected English.

This pith of my vine shall get quick with that male child.

“Quick with child” is a rather archaic English expression meaning “pregnant.” “Quick” can mean “alive” although this meaning is no longer commonly used. “Pith” is the soft, central portion of a fruit inside the rind commonly referred to as “pulp” as well as the soft center of the stems of flowering plants. The essential meaning of “pith” is the “inner portion” and has been used in the past to refer to marrow in bones. “Pith” means “heart, or essence” of a fruit and also means “strength, mettle.”

Then Jesus stood up again and continued teaching his apostles: “I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. I am the vine, and you are the branches. And the Father requires of me only that you shall bear much fruit. The vine is pruned only to increase the fruitfulness of its branches. Every branch coming out of me which bears no fruit, the Father will take away. Every branch which bears fruit, the Father will cleanse that it may bear more fruit. Already are you clean through the word I have spoken, but you must continue to be clean. You must abide in me, and I in you; the branch will die if it is separated from the vine. As the branch cannot bear fruit except it abides in the vine, so neither can you yield the fruits of loving service except you abide in me. Remember: I am the real vine, and you are the living branches. He who lives in me, and I in him, will bear much fruit of the spirit and experience the supreme joy of yielding this spiritual harvest. If you will maintain this living spiritual connection with me, you will bear abundant fruit. If you abide in me and my words live in you, you will be able to commune freely with me, and then can my living spirit so infuse you that you may ask whatsoever my spirit wills and do all this with the assurance that the Father will grant us our petition. Herein is the Father glorified: that the vine has many living branches, and that every branch bears much fruit. And when the world sees these fruit-bearing branches — my friends who love one another, even as I have loved them — all men will know that you are truly my disciples. (180:2.1)

The correct values for the symbols of the third reverse braille message are below.

[k] [of] [th] [child] [sh] [g]
{i} [very] [e] [y] [my] [t]
{i} [m] [e] [with] [th] [quiet]
[people] [l] [a] [n] [e] [that]

These braille letters form the following string.

[with] [that] [very] [quiet] [child] [m] [y] [people] [t] {i} [th] [e] [th] [e] [k] {i} [n] [g] [of] [sh] [a] [l] [e] [m]

In proper English this string forms the following sentence.

With that very quiet child my people tithe the King of Shalem.

“Shalem” is an alternate yet relatively common transliteration of the word “Salem.” Once again, the word “quiet” has the basic meaning of “humble” rather than “soundless” in this sentence. “Tithe” means “a contribution of a tenth of one's income” generally in support of clergy or the church. Tithing was instituted at the community of Salem during the time of Machiventa Melchizedek, the King of Salem, by Abraham.

With the passing of a decade, Melchizedek organized his schools at Salem, patterning them on the olden system which had been developed by the early Sethite priests of the second Eden. Even the idea of a tithing system, which was introduced by his later convert Abraham, was also derived from the lingering traditions of the methods of the ancient Sethites. (93:3.1)

An alternate solution using these symbols would be “With the King of Shalem my people tithe that very quiet child.” I am not certain which solution is the correct one, but with the emphasis on how very humble the child is and the knowledge that in the past tithes were given to Melchizedek, King of Salem, I think the first solution I have given for the third reverse braille message is the correct one.
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