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Subject So, This May Not Be the Most Popular Opinion On Here, But...
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Original Message Okay, so I know I'm probably going to get slammed for this, so have at it when you finish reading this. But please at least finish reading this first;

So I, like many people, am not exactly thrilled with the way the government's been doing things over the past few years. Between SOPA, PIPA, CISPA, this new IRS controversy, the AP being hacked into by the DoJ, etc I'm just as pissed off as most people on here. Hell, I think every single one of the members of Congress should be removed from office, the President impeached, the Excutive and Judicial branch canned, and the whole damn system started from scratch, like formatting the hard drive on a computer.

That being said, I've noticed a few people, both on here and not, advocating the use of violence to achieve such a goal, either blatantly or implicitly. That's an idea that should only be tolerated in the most dire of circumstances.

I know some people say, "look at the American Revolution; they used violence against British rule and won." This is true, but, they only resorted to violence after 15-20 years of active petitioning and demonstrations against the British government.

What have we tried? I mean really, truly tried, to get the government to listen to the people. Oh sure, people have occasionally signed a petition to stop something. A few times, a letter/email writing and phone call campaign happens. But what do we really do most of the time? Sit amongst ourselves, bemoaning how, "the evil government" is taking another right away, and another, and another...

Yes, we the people have had some successes. Look at the PIPA/SOPA protest. That is a perfect example of what could happen if we stood up, as one, and peacefully but firmly said, "no!"

Unfortunately, these types of demonstrations happen so few and far between, that the effect wears off after a while. People forget how successful the protest was, the government goes back to brushing off the people, and we sit amongst ourselves bemoaning the "evil government." This cycle continues as tension mounts.

Sorry, I know I'm rambling. Let me just wrap this up by saying that before supporting violence, let's really try to make a change. Let's put a continuous pressure on these elected officials, like the PIPA/SOPA protests did, instead of the sporadic protests.

Want an example? Coming up on May 25th, there will be a world event, March Against Monsanto, in response to Monsanto attempting to and/or succeeding in pushing laws through in several countries essentially protecting them from from prosecution, making it harder for farmers to not use their products, etc. More info here: [link to www.march-against-monsanto.com]

This is what I'm talking about. Find/organize an event supporting whatever case it is you support, and do it, leaving the violence out. Who knows, maybe we can even start making a difference.
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