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Subject Why NDEs are more than hallucinations, and connecting the dots revealing a single coherent reality
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Original Message Here's an important piece of the puzzle, that makes me believe these NDEs, are much more than what many believe.

For example, many state, these NDEs, are merely hallucinations, imaginations, or created from former personal beliefs and expectations.

But here's why this is impossible.

I've come across many NDE cases now, in which people, during their NDEs, will see things in the environment, which was unknown, but then later proven to be true down to the exact details.

In addition during the NDEs, the people, have come across and learned of information from the deceased, who they saw, and who were typically in a heaven like environment. After the NDEs ended and returning to their bodies, the information learned about the deceased, which was previously unknown, was then researched and verified to be true down to the exact details.

This shows, that it was impossible to have merely imagined.

Now many believe all, or most NDEs are positive. For example, in Dr. Moody's work, 'Life after Life', he had reported all postive NDE cases, if I'm not mistaken.

Now Dr. Moody, founded an organization, the International Association for Near-death Studies. This organization, recently released a book by the president of the organization, Nancy Evans Bush. And after many more years of research, they found a significantly greater amount of negative NDEs.

Nancy herself, had a negative NDE. To her it was so traumatic, that she refused to share it with anyone, including her own family for many years.

This brings up another important point. Two other NDE researchers, P. M. H. Atwater and Dr. Maurice Rawlings believe that people who have bad or negative NDEs, are less likely to report them.

I also know of a man, that had an NDE. However, when asked about it, he became fearful, was in tears, and refused to share it. This makes me believe he had a really bad experience.

The point is, if a researcher says that only x amount or percentage have bad or negative NDEs, this is more than likely completely false, and the number will be much higher, since again, those who have bad NDEs are less likely to share and report them.

Here's another piece of the puzzle, during the negative and hellish NDEs, people will often report that hell and the demons there have a foul sulphur smell.

Now, from reading works of exorcists, and paranormal investigators, they state, that when they encounter demons, they too have a foul sulphur smell.

These two pieces, align with what the Bible, state, when it describes hell, as being a lake of burning sulphur.

Here's something else I discovered in my research of NDEs, I haven't yet come across an NDE, where somebody sees Buddha, Krishna, or Muhammad, and then convert to Buddhism, Hinduism, or Islam, respectively.

However, there have been atheists, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Native Americans who saw Jesus in an NDE or vision, and then converted to Christianity.

Here's something unique with the Muslim NDEs and visions, I've come across so far. They don't see Muhammad, but they have seen Jesus. In addition, Muslims don't believe Jesus died for our sins, or was ever crucified. But Muslims, when they saw Jesus, saw his crucifixion wounds, and then left Islam, and converted to Christianity, after the experiences.

Let me touch on another category of experiences, that are not NDEs, and these are visions. This is when, Jesus had literally materialized to the people. The people, will then often state, they were miraculously healed by Jesus. In addition, in some of these experiences, the people learned of things, which wasn't previously unknown, but later proven to be true. Meaning and showing, that these were not mere hallucinations. A hallucination can't account for the miraculous healings, or the information, which was later proven to be true.

Regarding this phenomenon and current supernatural encounters with Jesus, so far I'm finding this only occurs with Jesus. I haven't yet come across, any current testimonies and accounts, of people saying that Buddha, Krishna, or Muhammad supernaturally appeared to them, despite the fact that these other prophets / incarnations supposedly had supernatural abilities. Also, what's unique, is with the accounts or testimonies of those who stated, Jesus appeared to them, many times these people belonged to other non-Christian religions.
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