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Subject Question about Augmentin 875 antibiotic, and stomach problems/side effects... having weird thing.
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Original Message Ok, the first week of April I came down with the strange sinus problem, this weird post-nasal drip, without a sign of a cold, or flu, that quickly escalated into a very bad cough. The first two days I had these weird hive-like bumps on my arms and some on upper legs and itched really bad, raised weird things. then that went away.

no fever that i was aware of, but felt really washed out. though, this may have been due to being stressed from work, and lack of sleep, but just felt different.

anyways... continue into the following week... cough gets worse... and so deep and post nasal drowning me to point id choke and throw up, couldnt eat without coughing my brains out so violently i thought i had whooping cough for a while. thought, ok, its just severe allergies and its just really bad sinus drippage.

3 weeks later it just got worse.. the most intense backwards mucous. not coming out of nose, but post-nasal drowning. thick, strange crap...

so, i couldnt even function without taking pseudoephedrine to dry it up while at work and around eating, had to take it around the clock. or else id be drowning and coughing and choking and couldnt even breathe. could not cough it up either, so i was taking Guinefesin to help loosen it up. didnt do that much. but still.

then i noticed it had gone into my chest and i could hear rattling and it was like suds inside my upper chest, breathing wasnt as easy when doing alot of walking around and the coughing had made me extremely sore and in pain in itself.

so, next thing i know, this is going on for over 3 weeks, so, i dont have any medical insurance, and found a healthcare center that offers deals for non-insured and got an appointment right away. nurse practioner listens to my lungs and says she heard wheezing, and lungs were tight and was pretty sure it was bronchitis and cos i had had this for so long and it was getting worse... it was most likely bacterial. and the fact that i work in a restaurant full-time thats got loads of kids and babies and always sick and i work everything there.. im always getting sick there. we are trying to get out of this state and hubby to get a new job. we are in lue of huge job transition and location

anyways, she put me on augmentin 875. two times a day for 10 days. ive never had an issue with amoxicillin, and was never on one that high of a dose, but never was on augmentin, augmentin is amoxicillin plus clauvinate.. and its usually the latter that causes the bigger issues. i also have IBS, or what they have thought was IBS for half my life now.

a few days into the antibiotic, i noticed my stools were softer and had a "glint" to them. cant explain it. thought, maybe it was due to all the guinefesin, which is a bluish green, nasty smelling and tasting pill when taken by itself. not diarrhea. then near the end of the antibiotic, i was having craps about 4-5 times a day. which is strange for me. then that subsided. then i didnt have a bowel movement for a day, then the next morning.. diarrhea. and 3 more times that day... which would be last thursday.
friday.. same thing, saturday. and then yesterday it went on all day. went to the toilet about 6 times in the morning... nasty bowels... diarrhea cramping that feels like its stalled in there sometimes... and things arent moving along right, and each time i eat or drink something, i noticed this onsets more diarrhea within about 20 mins.

then its sorta settled but still feel.. "off".. and lower back crampyness you get when you have a mild stomach virus or menstrual issues.

now, i know antibiotics can kill off the good bacteria and make room for the bad. and i am NOW taking activia with probiotics and naked juice probiotic.. started that ysterday. maybe that'll help? or slow shit down?

i called my doctor LAST MONDAY... about the frequent craps.. and they were gonna call back.. after they talked to the doc.. and nothing. i called back 2 days later,.. nothing. so, i was like, okay, well. then things were back down to 2 turds a day so i wasnt worried. til.. thursday. diarrhea, blamed that on barely eating the day before and my diet was a bit iffy that week, due to work, and other stuff. so, it wasnt till saturday that i was like, ok, somethings not right. yesterday.. now today. just isnt me.
its not severe. but its worried me and annoying and happens at the worst time.

so, im not sure if this perhaps IS from the antibiotic, as this stuff usually occurs AFTER the antibiotic.. or if its an actual... stomach virus, or... hormonal. i had a strange issue back in january where 3 days before my period i was knocked out,... unable to get out of bed, with the most insane chills and fever type thing and the worst.. physical pain everywhere.. even my skin and eyes hurt.. and then followed by this insane diarrhea.. air bubbly in my intestines type thing that was just.. insane and never had anything like that. that, however, was like... extreme gushing diarrhea.. and where you could hear my intestines from like feet away. didnt have insurance.. already am paying off a hospital bill from 2 yrs ago, and could not take off work and thought, it was probably my pms. cos id had similar things before. but not to that extreme. then, as soon as my period started.. the diarrhea stopped. all was fine.'

called doctor again tiday... they just called me back, theyre gonna do a stool sample to rule out Clostridium Diff,.. which we all know can be serious.

abit worried!!!!

anyone have any other ideas or... um...has this happened to them before???? im a bit.. freaking out silently.. so yeah.
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