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Subject I saw my first tornado on live storm chaser feed today--been watching for a year
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Original Message I have been watching live storm chaser feeds for the last couple seasons now.... hoping to catch a tornado on live feed....I pictured seeing one out in the distance in a field as the storm chaser drove down the road. I saw my first live tornado today I had three different chaser feeds going, all were on this one cell in Oklahoma. One chaser had audio and as he was driving down a road he yelled there it is right in front of us you all may have trouble seeing it its so big ...and sure enough it was filling the whole screen. I was excited I am finally see one.. then I was SICK!! as the horror unfolded..next thing I know two of my chaser feeds are driving though a town and police are blocking the roads ... power poles are laying everywhere ... cars are empty on the roads...there was a dog running back and forth across a 6 lane road.... one chaser stopped right in front of a weird looking brick thing a fireman went into it as I looked harder I realized it was a building that had the whole front fascia ripped off it and it must have been a doorway made of brick, a minute later several women ran out hold their kids tight in their arms. Another chaser was driving around passing houses family's just standing in the road..I pulled up the local news channel and watch their live feed the rest of the day... the helicopter flying over whole neighborhood flattened.. the news people asking if anyone knew anything about two schools that are being reported as taking direct hits ... a parent called in and told them about the lockdown message the schools sent out just before it hit....they again asked for information about the schools ...then word that grades 4-6 got out and were moved to a church before it hit....word that 3rd grade had taken cover in a hall with 8" thick cinder block walls... then that hall had collapsed in on its self...when I left work they had just announced it was not a search and rescue anymore but now a search and recovery. What a horrible horrible day...... I pray for them all!!! It was nice to see the chasers that rolled in as I was watching turned their feeds off and were still showing in Moore as the day ended. Shortly after it happened a great many chasers left the storms behind and flooded into town to help.
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