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Subject In Finland, the fear that the United States will add the country to the list of state sponsors of international terrorism
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Original Message Attitude of the Finnish authorities in the country to the current site of the Chechen terrorists "Kavkaz-Center" is rapidly changing.

If until now the official Helsinki defended and even supported the "mouthpiece" of militants, but now everything is done for the early closure of the site. So the other day the Finnish police appealed to the country's well-known human rights defender Juha Molari to transmit to the authorities all the documents confirming the illegal activities of "Kavkaz-Center" in Finland.

"I was surprised. Two years ago, I sent the police dvuhsotstranichny document setting out all the information about a terrorist site. Police managed to lose it and forget about the fact of my treatment. Terrorist attack in Boston returned the memory of our police force," - told the " RG "Molar, actively opposes efforts in Suomi" Kavkaz-Center ".

At the same time, in the newspapers, close to the Finnish authorities, there are several publications that openly raises the question of closing the site of terrorists. "We'll see whether he would continue to work if the closure of the site in addition to Russia will require the United States" - the newspaper "Ilta-Sanomat." In the same spirit, writes "Helsingin Sanomat", which certainly indicates what kind of mood now prevails in the corridors of the Finnish government.

"Our politicians are afraid of what the American media suspected terrorists Boston in connection with Doku Umarov, who holds the" Kavkaz-Center. "Our officials are afraid that because of this site may include Finland in the list of countries supporting international terrorism" - Molar said. He regrets the fact that no terrorist attack in Boston, namely, publication of the American media have frightened Finnish politicians.

"It is detrimental to the image of Finland and jeopardize cooperation with the United States," - said the human rights activist.

It is obvious that the Finns were in a difficult position. Over the years, they pointedly ignored allegations of Moscow on the communication "Caucasus - center" with international terrorists. Moreover, in Suomi argued that operate in the country "Kavkaz-Center" is the epitome of Finland inherent freedom of speech and democracy.

Perhaps now would be forced to Helsinki under some plausible pretext to quietly close the site associated with terrorists. Before deciding on such a step would not allow rooted in the Finnish establishment russophobia. But this time she has played a cruel joke with Finland.

Comment of Janus Putkonen, editor in chief of "Verkkomedia":

- Until now, the radical terrorist website "Kavkaz-Center" is located in Finland under the special political and even governmental protection. I think that soon it will stop. Given the many victims of the terrorist attack in the U.S., hardly anyone dare to call "Kavkaz-Center" human rights organization.

It should be noted that this site has been closed for many years. However, our government does not want to recognize the obvious: operating in Chechnya rebels and their foreign accomplices linked to international terrorism.

[link to www.rg.ru]
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