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Subject Do we revolve around consciousness, the way the earth revolves around the sun? shifting
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Original Message Said Kuhn, "A revolutionary would appear, often a young scientist not indoctrinated in the accepted theories, and sweep the old paradigm away."

A whole paradigm change?

Thomas Kuhn 's thesis was that science was not a steady, cumulative acquisition of knowledge. Instead, he wrote, it is "a series of peaceful interludes punctuated by intellectually violent revolutions." And in those revolutions, he wrote, "one conceptual world view is replaced by another." Scientists accepted a paradigm, an archetypal solution to a problem, like Ptolemy's theory that the Sun revolves around the Earth. They tend to resist research that might signal the development of a new paradigm, like the work of the astronomer Aristarchus, who theorized in the third century B.C. that the planets revolve around the Sun.

Cleve Backster says:
"That's what I've been pointing out all these years. What constitutes a change in material science involves a great deal of time, a testing-out period, not just in the lab, but in the awareness of the community, the basic assumptions. There is also going back over evidence and re-interpreting observations. This is one of the themes of what I am doing."

A Revolution in Consciousness?

On January 30, 2002, Dr. Myra Crawford, Ph.D. of the University of Alabama - Medical School, visited Cleve's lab in San Diego where her in vitro white cells were tested. Following her return to Birmingham, Dr. Crawford was asked by the book editor about her experience in Cleve's lab - "What do you feel you learned?"
Her reply:
"I have been shown, in a scientific demonstration, the reality of conscious, nonlocal, instantaneous communication between my thoughts and my cells."

[link to www.primaryperception.com]

[link to www.soulsofdistortion.nl]
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