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Subject IHOP Ministry/ MIsty Edwards - A Cult????
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Original Message [link to standupforthetruth.com]

As someone who is in the music ministry, I have listened to their music for years. However, just because I worship God as I listen, it doesn't mean Misty Edwards and the other leaders of IHOP worship Him as well. They're worshipping alright, but I'm not sure who or what they're worshipping.

The spirit of discernment has been whispering in my ear these past couple of years. I didn't want to believe that I had been deceived, so I ignored it. I told myself I was overthinking it...going crazy.

After finally getting the courage to do some online research, I found that my two cents worth is but a drop in the bucket. Not only do many listeners feel as I do, but interns, and worship leaders of IHOP themselves have been gracious enough to share the true ins and outs of life at the "school of ministry".

One girl and her family in particular gave up everything they had and moved to Kansas City in hopes of becoming a part of the cutting edge ministry. The family was disappointed to find little or no social connection, or support. When she forked out $4500 to become an intern, that is when the cult-like rituals truly began.

Days started early in the morning, and were filled with activities until late at night...sometimes midnight. She suffered from sleep deprivation, which is commonly used with cult recruits in order to make them more susceptible to the teachings of the cult.

The interns lived on the property, and were not allowed to hold regular "jobs". Although the ministry claims that fasting was not required, food was not served on days that it was a "choice". Since these interns were not allowed to work, they had little or no money to buy food for themselves should they choose not to fast. Several people talk about getting down to dangerous weights, and how they still have medical conditions because of this. The control of what a person eats, and when they eat it is but another common cult tactic.

The cult leader, Mike Bickle constantly uses charismatic speeches, and dramatic music to attract youth, and most of all, to glorify himself. He tells them "Your parents don't understand your gifts. Come live with us, and give everything up." By talking about how parents don't understand, he is creating an "us versus them" mentality. This has caused many teens to rebel against their parents, thus breaking up family units. But that doesn't sound like a cult at all, now does it?

Finally, Tyler Deaton ( I believe it's Tyler) was a leader connected with IHOP. He had a group that lived at his house outside of the ministry, but was still connected. Keep that in mind .

Tyler's wife Bethany was founded dead in a parked van with a bottle of pills, a bag over her head, and a suicide note. shortly after she was found, a man named Micah, a member of Deaton's group came forward and said "Deaton told him to do it".

Micah was arrested. At that point, authorities began to interview the members of Deaton's group. Three men said they had a sexual relationship with Deaton. They said he was frustrated that he could not get an erection with his wife, and needed to find his "masculinity". They also said that Deaton's murdered wife had been sexually assaulted by members. Micah said Deaton asked him to kill her in fear that she would "tell her therapist she'd been assaulted".

The link for all of this and more is at the top. I'm not trying to tell anyone what to do ,but if you listen to IHOP's music, you should probably read this. There are definitely LOTS of red flags. This seems like it could be a very controlling, and dangerous cult. May God give us the spirit of discernment to see the truth. Amen!
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