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Subject Closing up the past for a new start
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Original Message Hi!

My name is Yolande Estelle Laurianne, shortened yolande and I am actually working upon clearing up my past and the attached energies. To most of you I have already done my farewells and there is little now to add since I decided to move onto new shores. I am usually living in austria, here I use the computer of my family in France.

However, GLP and the 3,5 years I spent here had been a rollercoaster to hell and back, I though grew stronger out of it and got important points for my future path that I would not have found elsewhere. You said it once, it' like an awakening with a smash on the face, a kick on the butt and an ice bucket on the head, the earth and everything you thought to believe was disappearing, leaving you to fall into the dark rabbit's hole, nothing to grasp, wondering where it would end, people on the way trying to grasp as much as they can out of you while they can. It's like in the film "the game", you seem to have awakened into a nightmare, in the end once you again get the ground under you feet, you can only think "wow, what was a ride!"

Now I am not here to further talk about it, I am just here to complete what I had not done yet to turn the page to start a new one wherever it might lead me.

Still, I have some words yet to say to some posters (don't worry, nothing horrible).

To china/france: Yes you were right, I were (am) deeply brainwahed, nothing needed to say.

To spiral: I have forgiven you.

To righteous_: Thank you for giving me the backdoor into kalimadran's game. It was a game of time since you said he was rejecting everybody you sent, it was not the finest of the art, but without you, I would have been kept pulled as kalisto towards their "zeus". You did more to me than you would ever immagine, I have however gone through the urantia book and I could not find a quote were they could find out that kalisto was tiamat (see below) and kalimadran to be marduk. I don't know if there will ever be an happy end with kalimadran, but even if it does, it is up to fate, not me and I am done here. I can assume that he is a good healer as you said, I have not seen this face myself.

To Eve/Tiamat. I hope you will someday find again ground below your feet. No I am not conspiracing against you, in fact if I did not kept being reminded about you through being called tiamat or being accused to most possible things I could not imagine myself, I would have forgotten about you long ago. I don't know if it is about feeling oneself important through persecution or feeling persecuted, but as far as I am concerned, I am not wasting my life with this, you are simply not relevant enough to my concerns. With all the stuff, I have no interest in entering in contact with you, I am not against you either though. I hope you will find a good path to recovery.
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