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Subject I Refuse to Hate Even One Person Just Because of the Color of their Skin or their Religion or Creed
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Original Message Americans WE are better than this.

Together WE The People can and must rise above the fray of all of this race-baiting hate-drenched vitriol.

WE are Americans and WE are better than this.

In Colonial America, did not whites and people of color both fight to win our nation's independence from Great Britain?

Have WE not had black Americans serving in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate since 1870 who have garnered our respect and earned our praise?

As a Nation, have WE not benefited from a host of black Americans who have earned Nobel Prizes and/or Medals of Freedom for their work?

As a Nation, have WE not also benefited from the lives saved from the work performed by gifted black American physicians, surgeons, scientists, explorers, and inventors?

As a Nation, have WE not benefited from the ingenuity of America's Pulitzer Prize winning black poets, writers, photographers, investigative reporters, and composers?

As a Nation, have WE gained nothing from the brilliant careers of America's insightful black educators, dedicated newspaper publishers, gifted theologians, and esteemed Supreme Court Justices?

Have black Americans not fought in all of our Nation's wars, many of whom were decorated for their service, a large fraction of whom dedicated their lives to service to our country and went on to have brilliant military careers?

Are there not outstanding black Americans who come from all walks of life serving in every profession one could name whose work and dedication strengthen this great Nation?

The point is that WE The People are BETTER TOGETHER.

There will always be individuals who conduct their lives in ways that are the basis of negative stereotypes that exist and have been honed over centuries for every race on the face of the globe.

But the truth of the matter is that these individuals are the exception and not the rule.

WE The People being of all races, colors, religions, and creeds improve each other's lives by our very differences.

America is the Great Experiment.

To steamroll the world and erect a New World Order, the Beacon of Liberty in the West must first be forever extinguished.

However, this is an impossible goal to accomplish if WE The People can only keep our heads and STICK TOGETHER, support each other, and work in harmony.

It is with a united front that all the external attacks that seek to debauch our lives and deform our futures will be made to roll off our collective backs and into the annuls of history.

WE are BETTER than this.

WE can do BETTER than this.

WE The People are BETTER TOGETHER than we would ever be apart.

Pray for America.

Pray for your fellow Americans of all walks of life.

Spurn the hatred.

Return love for hate.

Love can conquer all.

God Bless America.
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