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Subject Mark of the beast: 666 RFID Chip vs Islam
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Original Message Mark of the beast: 666
RFID Chip vs Islam
After studying this subject, I've concluded that the events of the Mark of the beast, Anti-Christ, and Tribulation will have many parallels to Hitler's Holocaust. As the Bible says "first for the Jew, then for the Gentile" (Romans 2:9)
For example, Hitler had his mark, the Swastika, and the Jews were given their mark.

A powerful leader takes control, (Hitler)
and established His Mark.
All opposition to this was crushed.

The Jews were given their mark (The Star, Not Swastica),
then persecuted and killed.
When the mark of the beast comes out,
it will go onto people who are loyal to the beast.
Those who refuse are persecuted and killed.

The Jews were disenfranchised in Nazi Germany.
(Not allowed to freely engage in the market) Those who refuse to receive the Mark of the beast will also be disenfranchised; not able to buy or sell.

Hitler Makes a Peace treaty with England,
and then breaks it. The Anti-Christ make a peace treaty, and then breaks it.
I now believe that the anti-christ will NOT come out of America or Europe, but come out of the Muslim world, and will be the Muslim hero. As Hitler's strength came from a single nation German, the strength of the anti-christ's regime will be from over 1 billion Muslims worldwide, and many Islamic Nations.
Many people now believe that the Mark of the beast is the RFID Microchip. But let's compare it to Islam.
The RFID MicroChip vs. ISLAM

The RFID Microchip
The Mark of the Beast is a MARK

The RFID Microchip is NOT a mark, it is a device.
Nobody can see it unless they have a RFID reader. But the Islamic world already puts marks on their forehead and arm.

Worldwide, people will be forced to receive the Mark.

So American & UN soldiers are going to go around the world and force people to get a RFID Chip, otherwise cut off their head? Unlikely, I can't find 1 soldier who would be willing to do this. But the Islamic world already has over 1 billion people, with millions willing to violently enforce Islamic rule worldwide.
This struggle is called Jihad

The Muslim world even has Kids ready to die for the cause of Jihad.
The Mark will be placed ON people's forehead or forearm.
The RFID Microchip goes IN the skin, not ON the Skin.
But Islamic Marks and creeds are already put on the forehead. Visible to all.
The Mark will have an ANTI-Christ Message.
There is no intrinsic message in an RFID Microchip. You could put "Jesus is Lord" inside a RFID Chip if you wanted to. But the Islamic Creed is already VERY ANTI-CHRISTIAN.

"Allah is God, Mohamed is the last prophet.
Jesus in NOT the son of God, not divine.
The Bible can NOT be trusted.
Spreading Islam by force is acceptable.
Israel must be conquered, and the Jews killed."
1 John 2:22b (New Living Translation) ...Anyone who denies the Father and the Son is an antichrist.
Muslims deny that Jesus is the SON of God.
Past Guesses

We were once told that the Bar-Code was the Mark of the Beast. Now people say it is the RFID Chip.
This just means that they were guessing.
The Anti-Christ

People once said that Bill Clinton was
THE Anti-Christ.

People have said that the Pope was the anti-Christ.

Now people say that Obama is THE Anti-Christ.
This just means that they are guessing.
The Islamic world already has a prophesied Hero.
One that will come to power in the future called the Mahdi.
One that will do the things our bible foretold that the anti-Christ would do.
Refusing the Mark will cause a person to be beheaded.
Who has been beheaded for refusing to take the RFID MicroChip? Nobody. Islam already beheads people who resist Islam, and they have been doing it for over 1000 years.

Click Picture to see unaltered version

This is why many Islamic Nation's Flags have the Sword on it.
People will not be able to buy or sell without the Mark.

So every store in the world will have a RFID Scanner? Unlikely, I haven't even seen one yet. Jews and Christians are already disenfranchised in Islamic Countries. Jews and Christians are not given freedoms. It is not difficult to see that if Islamic forces take control of a nation, they would disallow those who resists Islam from engaging in the market.
A world wide regime
Which western nation is struggling for, or strong enough to attempt to dominate the world?
After communism, I don't believe there are any serious attempts by any nation to dominate the world.
But Islam already has a plan for World Domination.
Fighting against the Jews and Israel
Which western nation is going to war against Israel?
Which western nation wants Jews exterminated?
Islam already has a deep hatred for Jews, and a desire for their extermination.
All the nations surrounding and struggling against Israel today, just happen to be Muslim.

Abomination that causes Desolation
Which western nation wants to put an "Abomination, that causes Desolation" in the Holy Place?
I can't think of one.
But Islam already puts their Muslim temples in the Holy Areas of Israel.
There will be a peace treaty and then the antiChrist will break it.
(7 Year treaty, broken in 3.5 years)

In the Islamic world, it is acceptable to break a treaty,
if you are advancing the cause of Islam.
So peace treaties with Islamic countries don't last.
A False Prophet & Worshiping the Beast
The RFID Chip has no relation with any false prophet, or the worship of any figure.
Prophet's and Worship are things related to a religion, not a device. Islam has a prophet, and engages in worship.

Islam is more likely the be where the Mark of the beast and the Anti-christ come from.
This idea first came to me by the speaking of Walid Shoebat on the Sid Roth Show. (this link)
Watch Video Below.
[link to www.sidroth.org]

Guest: Walid Shoebat
July 16-22, 2012

There is a conspiracy of silence by the news media concerning the dangerous results concerning the recent election in Egypt. Walid Shoebat received a revelation of the End Times that is a major paradigm shift from what most bible scholars teach. Now he wants to share this with you!

Want to learn more? Listen to my radio interviews with Walid here.

Watch Now

Watch Now

How to download and watch episodes

*To download the Real Player or Windows Player version of the broadcast, right click on the "Download" link and choose "save target as." Then choose the location where you will save the file and click "save." You may also download a free transcript of the interview. - See more at: [link to www.sidroth.org]

Is there a supernatural dimension, a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death?
Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient
secrets of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of Itís Supernatural.
SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where itís naturally supernatural. I just hope
that you can breathe in the rarified air of Heaven because wherever that air is there's healing. It's
a river and there is a river in this studio. I know that your whole paradigm for End Times is about
to be turned upside down. Why? Because you have been instructed man's opinion from the West,
his understanding of End Time Bible prophecy. What if you looked through the lens from the
East where the Bible was originally written. You would have an entirely different End Time
perspective. But here is the thing I want to caution you, and I want to warn you. Study the
scriptures, show yourself approved and think for yourself. I can't wait for you to hear this
interview. I have a guest that in his wildest imagination he never thought he would be sitting
opposite a Jewish man and loving him. Why? He was born in a city that you're very familiar
with, Bethlehem, as Micah says, Bethlehem of Judea, and he was raised to hate the Jew. He was
raised to be a terrorist bomber. He actually released a bomb, I believe it was in Bethlehem. You
wanted to kill Jewish people. And the thing that I find very, very interesting is you came to the
United States and you were with an organization that was a forerunner of groups that we hear in
the news all the time, a forerunner of Hamas, Al Queda, the Muslim Brotherhood. I mean, we
hear this in the news all the time. A lot of the Middle East countries, their new freedom is
allowing them to vote, and many are getting into office from the Muslim Brotherhood. What
were you taught by this organization in America? Why were you part of it?
WALID: You said it. I wanted to kill Jews in America. We were planning for Jihad in America
for destruction, mayhem and all kinds of things. What part of kill Americans don't get? The
Council of American-Islamic Relation that says we are a peaceful entity was born from the IAP,
Islamic Association of Palestine, branch Hamas in the U.S. Hamas was active in the U.S. My
mentor, Jamal Sareed, he was a colleague of Abdul Azam. Most Americans don't understand. I
say those names like Abdul Azam. Abdul Azam was the godfather of Al Queda. Most Americans
don't know that real godfather of Al Queda was not a Saudi. He was a Palestinian from Jenin.
SID: Let me ask you about this Muslim Brotherhood, because they seem to be winning a lot in
the elections in these new democracies in the Middle East.
WALID: Of course.
SID: They appear, I mean, they're accepted in the United States on our television, in the White
House. Are they kind of peace loving as opposed to radical?
WALID: They're absolutely radical. There is no such thing as peace loving Muslim
Brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood is the umbrella organization that gave birth to all Islam
SID: I know, but they appear to be peace loving.
WALID: Well they play the flowchart, there is a very simple flowchart. During an uprising, the
people uprise, the governments begin to clamp down on the uprising. Then the media goes there
and they get the film from CNN, BBC and all these things. Then they begin to call for
democracy and then of course what better word to use for the West. We want democracy. And
the West is happy to think, well wait a minute, maybe what we are having here is Islamic
democracy. So Islamic democracy is like saying capitalistic communism. It doesn't exist. So the
West is basically fooled by the words of democracy. Seventy-five percent of the Egyptian
government now, the parliament is Muslim fundamentalist, and then of course after they take
over the government, out with democracy. In the Middle East, yeah sure, they use democracy.
It's one man, one vote, once. That's it.
SID: Okay. The description from the Muslim holy books of their Messiah is a mirror image of
the Christian description of the Antichrist. Why do you say that?
WALID: Absolutely. Everything about the Islamic Messiah, Islam is not void from
[unintelligible], by the way. They have what is called the Mahdi. The Mahdi, by the way, is the
Messiah to both Sunni and Shiite All Muslims must believe in this coming Messiah. And
everything in the Bible that talks about what is called the Antichrist is there in Islam about the
Islamic Messiah. If Daniel talked about the Antichrist making a 70-year covenant, Islam talked
about the Mahdi creating seven years of peace. If it talks about some of the martyrs that were
beheaded or Israel being invaded by the Antichrist, Islam talked how the Mahdi will even unify
Turkey and Iran to advance against Israel. Let's see, [unintelligible] rings a bell here. If it talks
about the Trinity in the Bible, Islam says that the Mahdi will come and denounce the Trinity, that
they will come and destroy the cross. They will break the cross. From everything in Daniel,
Revelation, you can think of, the rider of the white horse from the Book of Revelation. By the
way, Muslims take pride about what's in Revelation regarding the rider of a white horse. That's
the Mahdi. That's the Mahdi to the Shia. That's the Mahdi to the Sudanese as well. So in every
aspect of the Bible when you read Antichrist or the "man of sin" and you look at the definition of
the man of sin it is Islam.
SID: Listen, you were able to think outside of the box to become a believer in Jesus. Wait until
you hear as he thinks outside of the box confined only to the words of the Living God and
looking through the lens of the East as opposed to the lens of the West, some conclusions he
comes up with, you will be literally shocked. Don't go away. We'll be right back. I'm shocked by
the conspiracy of silence by the news media concerning the dangerous results about the recent
election in Egypt. On June 24th, by the narrowest of margins, only 51 percent, a member of the
Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Morsy, became President-elect of Egypt. One of his main
spokesmen shared before thousands the ultimate goal of Morsy's election. "Our capitol shall not
be Cairo, Mecca or Medina. It shall be Jerusalem. Our cry will be millions of martyrs marched
towards Jerusalem. Yes, Jerusalem is our goal. We shall pray in Jerusalem or else we will die as
martyrs on its threshold." On top of this shocking declaration Iran has announced future joint
military exercises in the Mediterranean with Russia and China. What a dangerous alliance. These
are such dangerous times for Israel and for the world. We must understand that the events we are
now reading in our newspapers and watching on television news casts are predicted in the
prophecies of the Bible. We'll be back with Walid Shoebat in just a moment.
We'll be right back to It's Supernatural.
We now return to It's Supernatural.
SID: I am amazed at the revelation that God has given my guest, Walid Shoebat. I'm absolutely
overwhelmed. I have to ask you this question. Most Christians in the West have read the Left
Behind series, Hal Lindsey books, Dallas Theological Seminary, and they have ABC, this is
what's going to happen in the End Times. When you talk before a group of people that have that
whole scenario inside and that's the way it's going to happen, it's like a photograph, how do you
change their mindset?
WALID: I go to book stores galore. I go to the airport all the time and I see all the books,
fiction, fiction, fiction, fiction, as long as the eye can see. Then you have history and some. But
it's fiction. I mean, even Hal Lindsey, everybody knows Hal Lindsey would know this is fiction.
It's Christian fiction. The Christian fiction becomes the issue. It's very easy for me to convert the
Christian fiction prophecy paradigm into biblical prophecy, in real biblical prophecy. And that is
once we look at the literal references in the Bible, just the literal references, let's put Daniel
aside, let's put Revelation aside, this is filled with allegory.
SID: If you could ask a couple of questions of these people what would you ask them?
WALID: Question number one, which no one in the world can answer really. Question number
one, out of all the literal references in the Bible, not the allegory, every literal country mentioned
in the Bible that God deals with in the End Times, what are they? No one can tell me they are not
Muslim. Every single one of them is Muslim. I know people can argue over God [unintelligible].
SID: But wait a second. Where did we get this whole European Union thing?
WALID: Well in the '70s.
SID: The '70s?
WALID: Yeah. Hal Lindsey and Tim LeHaye, and all these guys made it possible. Greece
joined as the tenth nation in the European Confederacy. We got the 10 horns, we got the 10 toes.
So then another nation joined, 11, 12, all the way to 20, 20-some nations joined the European
Union. So you got Daniel, Chapter 2, with the statue of Daniel, the Book of Nasser's dream, 10
toes. You have 23, 24 toes. All of them are protruding out of the West. One foot has got 20-some
toes, the western leg, and the eastern leg is chopped off. So I go to churches and I speak to
pastors, and I speak to the congregation, and I challenge the pastors. I say, okay, you believe in a
revival of a Roman empire. We're fighting over semantics really. Because when I say the Islamic
world, they say, on no, it's the revolving of a Roman empire. It can't be the Muslim world. I say,
okay, we're fighting over semantics. The Roman Empire didn't include North Africa. No one can
deny it. Yes. What country is included in North Africa? Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco,
Mauritania. What happened in Libya lately? I've been saying this 15 years. I've been talking
about this Arab Spring 15 years ago, from the Bible. What happens in Egypt? Will that be part of
the Roman Empire? Will I have to include them? Of course. They're part of the Roman Empire.
What about Turkey? Was that part of the Roman Empire? Well that's the eastern leg. Of course I
have to include it. Okay. So what's left? Europe. Well we can argue over Europe, but there isn't a
single reference in the Bible where God punishes a European nation. Show me where. Rome is
mentioned 16 times, some in blessing in fact, to the believers in Rome. But there is no
destruction of Rome in the Bible literally by name. We're going to say mystery of Babylon.
That's a whole different question. But there is no other references. Out of all the nations, Messiah
fights, every nation Messiah fights in the Bible, every single one of them is Muslim.
SID: So okay. So let's take a look at a different paradigm. What do you believe the Mark of the
Beast, 666, is?
WALID: Well we have to understand from the Book of Revelation in Chapter 13, the mark is
the number of his name. We have to think of the name of the beast. People in the West think
name of the beast, what would it be? On the foreheads of the followers of the Antichrist it might
say something like, "Hilary Rodham Clinton" or some name.
SID: No, no, no, don't say that.
WALID: No, it's not a literal name. It has nothing to do with a literal western name. Look at the
Messiah. We interpret the Bible from the Bible. The Messiah's name, what is his name? "His
name shall be called Emanuel," which is what? "God with us." His name is not Emanuel. He's
not Mexican. He is from Bethlehem. His name shall be called Emanuel, which is God with us.
This God with us is what? A title. It's our what? A creed. Our creed is what? God with us. Only
one faith in the world has God with us. In the same essence, the name of the beast, what is it?
The creed of the beast. They have a creed. The kingdom of the Antichrist has a creed. It's a
blasphemous creed.
SID: What is it?
WALID: The major creed of Islam is what? I declare there is no God but Allah and Mohammed
is his messenger. America, you want peace with Islam? You all must recite, "There is no God but
Allah and Mohammed is his messenger." Will you be willing to recite this, Sid? Of course not.
Why? Number one, you're an American, no one tells you what to do. Number two, who is Allah?
That is not the God of the Bible.
SID: So you believe the Mark of the Beast is the creed.
WALID: The creed. If you look at the movie, "The Kingdom of Heaven", let's say. Go watch the
movie. "The Kingdom of Heaven", watch Saladin. Saladin was the figure, the Muslim guy who
was fighting against the Crusades. Look at him sitting in the tent. What does he have around his
arm? He has around his arm "Bismillah", in the name of Allah.
SID: On the forehead, too.
WALID: On the forehead as well.
SID: The bandana around the Palestinians?
WALID: Absolutely. Not just Palestinians. Turks, Muslims in Africa.
SID: What's the mark on the bandana?
WALID: It says, "There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger." It says, "In the
name of Allah" sometimes, Bismillah. If you look at that movie I mentioned on the right arm is
SID: And what does 666 mean?
WALID: Well if you look at the Greek, there's three Greek letters. No one can deny they're
Greek. But they also, for some miraculous reason, supernatural reason that I cannot fathom, it
also reads in the Arabic language. In fact, none of my detractors denied that it does say
"Bismillah" in the Greek letters.
SID: Which means?
WALID: "In the name of Allah."
SID: So 666, the Mark of the Beast, is on the forehead or the arm, the name of Allah.
WALID: In the Greek it reads it that way.
SID: Wait until you find out what he has to say the Bible shows us in reference to Allah and the
crescent moon. Don't go away. We'll be right back.
SID: Walid Shoebat is an ex-Muslim terrorist who reveals the End Time scenario being played
out right now in the Middle East with Egypt electing a radical Muslim as president, whose
followers proclaim a new United States of Islam will be in the Middle East, and says that their
capitol will be Jerusalem.
We'll be right back to It's Supernatural
We now return to It's Supernatural
SID: Hello. Sid Roth here and I'm with Walid Shoebat. And he told me things that I've never
heard before, such as, tell me the correlation between Allah and the crescent moon.
WALID: When most westerners read in Isaiah 14, where it talks about Lucifer, look at the
English translation: Lucifer. I go to the Hebrew. The Hebrew says [Hebrew], "How art fallen
from Heaven." [Hebrew]. "Hillel" is the word for brightness and it's also the Aramaic, Hebraic,
Arabic word for "crescent moon". So you read it in context. "How art that fallen from Heaven, o
crescent moon, sun of the morning star." So there's the crescent, there's the star, there's the
symbol of Islam itself as in the name of Lucifer. Let's not forget in Isaiah 14 it continues to say,
"When he's captured," this Lucifer, this Hillel Ben Zohar, he's judged. People will look at him
and say, "Is this the man that made the earth tremble?" They say this is the rebelliousness of
Lucifer in Heaven. When did Lucifer become a man? The anti-Messiah, the Antichrist, no
SID: Okay. What about Allah? What are the various names for Allah? What is he called in the
WALID: He's called many names.
SID: Tell me a few of the names that we're interested in right now.
WALID: The interesting names of Allah is [Arabic] [Arabic] in the Arabic. In the English it
means "the greatest of all deceivers."
SID: Really?
WALID: Absolutely. In fact, there are prayers in Islam of having Allah give you the gift of
cunningness. So some of the names in Allah in the Koran is also [Arabic], "the most proud one".
So this is what I'm trying to say.
SID: So who's going to be the Antichrist?
WALID: You mean his name?
SID: His name or where will he be from?
WALID: Everyone who tried to figure out his name was wrong.
SID: For sure.
WALID: I think I know which country he comes from.
SID: Which country?
WALID: He comes from the country of Turkey, no question.
SID: That begs the question, we are taught that the Antichrist is going to rule the world. You say
WALID: No. He can't rule the world. Because if you look at several places in the Bible he fights
against other nations. In Daniel 11, Daniel 11 gives us the best description of the Antichrist. He
declares war on the what? The strongest of all fortresses. Well the strongest fortresses or the
strongest military minds in the world is not the Antichrist, it's someone else. In fact most
Westerners hardly if ever study how the Antichrist falls. When you ask a typical western
Christian, how does the Antichrist get destroyed? Well Jesus breathes on him and that's it.
SID: Why?
WALID: Well there's more to it than that. That's the command by the way of battle that the
Messiah orders. But the destruction of the Antichrist is in Ezekiel 28. He's number one there, the
Prince of Lebanon, the prince of fire. His destruction, in Verses 8, 9, you can continue on, it
says, that "God will raise nations and those nations are the most terrible of the nations militarily,
and they will destroy him, and they will throw him into the pit." In Micah 5, God raises seven
shepherds and eight principal men to fight againstó
SID: Who are these seven shepherds and eight principal men?
WALID: Well no one knows them yet. But they are definitely mentioned in the Bible. Let's not
forget, even the Antichrist has basically seven horns, 10, three plucked out of the root. What
remains? Seven. So you have seven good leaders versus seven evil ones. Seven will stand with
God. Seven will be against God. So in this essence, Micah, Chapter 5 is a mystery to people
today. But it is seven nations that God will raise. They will rule, the most powerful nations
militarily, in the world. Let me maybe suggest, how about America, while many people think
America is doomed.
SID: Is America going to survive?
WALID: I believe so. It's such an edifying message when I hear America is doomed, America is
finished. We've been through a depression before. We've been through all kinds of things before.
SID: Just briefly, because I want to know the answers to these. Is oil mentioned in the Bible?
WALID: Absolutely. How can anyone deny Isaiah, Chapter 34, in which God destroys Edom
Let's not forget.
SID: What is Edom?
WALID: Ezekiel 25.
SID: Edom is what, what country?
WALID: Arabia. Absolutely. Because Ezekiel 25 tells us, Edom is from Teman to
[unintelligible]. These are biblical cities that are in Arabia. And then in Isaiah 34, it says about
this place in Arabia, it becomes, "what a burning pitch. It will burn forever and ever." I mean,
Arabia will burn literally. It will be destroyed. Even the Bible tells us what nation destroys
SID: What nation?
WALID: Iran.
SID: Wow.
SID: This is making sense now.
WALID: Yeah. In Isaiah 21, Isaiah 21, you look at the reference. "Babylon has fallen, has
fallen." That should ring a bell. That's the same reference in Revelation 14, Revelation 18,
regarding the mystery of Babylon. Who destroys it? "Arise O Elam."
SID: What's going to happen to Iran?
WALID: Iran will eventually be destroyed.
SID: What's going to happen to Egypt?
WALID: Egypt, the Messiah is going to come down and fight for the believers in Egypt. There
will be persecution of the believers in Egypt, Christians.
SID: They already have persecution in Egypt.
WALID: No. I am talking about major persecution. I am talking about persecution like you had
with the Jewish people in Auschwitz. I'm talking about major massacres in Egypt. I'm talking
about crucifixion, amputations. In fact, how many Americans are aware, one of the bills they're
trying to pass in Egypt in the parliament is what is called [Arabic]. Look it up. Look up my name
and look up what I talk about it. The idea of passing laws on crucifixion and amputating of the
right hand and the left foot.
SID: You know what the most important thing is? I believe that you're going to hear revelation
about End Times that you have never, ever even thought about. It's never even been addressed.
But what is important than what the order of events will be is, where are you going and whether
you have intimacy with God right now. And the way you have intimacy with God is if someone
was to die for your sins. Jesus already did. Believe the blood of Jesus washes away your sins,
and with your mouth say, Jesus you are my Lord.
SID: Next week on Itís Supernatural. My next guest says the power and the culture of the
original Bible, it was hijacked by the translators. His case is very convincing.
[music] [link to www.sidroth.org]
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