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Subject Urgent! Interview with Mr X re aliens. Re-posted on this board.
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Original Message I just posted the below message a few minutes ago, came back and it's been deleting. Hmmm, that's quite interesting indeed!!!!!

here's the deleted post;

I just listened to the interview with Mr. X on the David Icke site.

[link to www.jerrypippin.com]

I was very alarmed by something Mr. Pippin didnít pick up on in his inteview. Mr. X said that many people would die. He said it so casually that one could have missed it, ButÖ.. he was very quick to point out that these aliens donít believe in bodies the same as us, they believe the body is just a shell so itís okay. Then, Mr. pippin replied by saying something to the effect that they donít cling to life like we do?

I will ask the obvious question that Mr. Pippin missedÖÖ why are these aliens going to kill many humans? Then, the conversation switched back to emphasize that these aliens are good, they mean us no harm, no no not at all. This was so clear to me when I listened to it. Anyone who scrutinizes the conversation can clearly see how it was a complete propaganda interview to accent the announcement by Mr. X of a 2012 encounter and to prepare the people mentally. Falling back on the idea that they intend people no harm and that they are here to help humans as protectors doesnít explain why so many people will be killed. As a matter of fact, the whole interview was a very poor attempt at propaganda. Mr. X did not do a very good job it I might say. People should not be misled by his statements.

all the best,


p.s. The information Iím offering on the link below comes from Amitakh who lives in Australia and has had many experiences firsthand.

[link to www.xeeatwelve.com]
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