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Subject Your whole world is a 4000 year old brainwashing lie, built on another lie built on another lie.
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Original Message If one day u happen to wake up to the truth, u will find everyone around you living a giant lie. They have been lied to about everything and the truth hidden. Instead people are slaves to sin and do not even know that they are on a path to destruction, standing in a giant line with just a few waking up in time to dodge the blade of death, running to life. But those in the line look towards "karma" or false sciences to explain certain things... You begin to notice something ruling the world. You notice a hand at work constantly brainwashing the mass. A hand in which moves the pieces on the chessboard as they please because they are the ones playing the game. You notice that these people and secretes are not a good thing as the world is in a constant state of war and destruction...... There has to be more... everything degenerates, and if this is the truth how did evolution work because obvously humans are to smart and evil at the same time...... then you start to put 2 and 2 together..... you notice hate... evil.... ect...... is all real so must be good. Satan is pulling the strings on the elite under the deception of elite bloodlines being a blood line of a ancient alien. The aliens told them of planet x, wormwood ect.They told the elite they need to build underground shelters and sell out the world and make it look like its horrible and war ect then destroy it and create a "NWO" which u mine as well say "Atlantis II", This is the end game goal of the elite thats running your world right now. See they "fallen angels, satan legion of demons" have been ruling every civilazation in this same mannor, hiding history and setting up things like a giant game of chess in order to completely build a false reality and in fact a negative image of the real image "truth". They say u do not need to be like God because you are God.... So i guess Jesus died for nothing?
Truth is they are scared of us, They hate us and know of Gods free will and when they live sinful lives God will break u down, because this is how u get reborn into a better person and find Jesus and allow him to come into your life and save you from curse of sin and death. Jesus sends them running, and truly knowing ancient history and Bible/Books of enoch, you build up a good defense from satans darts of deception waiting for you around every corner, everystep u take towards truth has a trap waiting and only Jesus will show u the way, this beats their brainwash system. You do not even have to be awake to beat their system with Jesus and they hate that. Well anyways If they could they would come over and turn us into slaves and rule us like a bunch of animals. But they would call upon the wraith of God much like what happen in the old world. See This technology "fake aliens" have was allready created by old world humans because we where super advanced and civilized and lived lives much like we do today. Imagine if our scientist lived to the age of 900, well anyways these DEMONS not aliens pretend to be gods and have a different story for each part of the world but in a way they story is the same.... and none of these guys will save you. But we choose to let them over.. well u can blame the elite and governments because they actualy think they are talking to aliens and such but in reality its same game but a different time.See the ruling bloodlines are brainwashed by thinking these aliens are allot more advanced then what they really are. God said "his children die from lack of knowledge" and these are real truths im bringing to you. all these aliens are just different types of fallen angels and they all say the same thing but different story... Do not be fooled they created this matrix system and everything, your whole world is a lie that is based on lies and relays on hidden ancient history in order to help brainwash u into thinking the world is a horrible place as it grows amd thus the elite have excuse to create war and destruction so they can destroy the world and create a NWO which is a new truth, this is why they are so hellbent on killing Jesus and his followers.. because this is real truth and will out shine their anit-christ false truths.. There is a judgment coming and its the judgement in revelations and its going to happen soon and fast. look at the moon, stars, weather, your heart, nature, sun...... how many more signs do u need. wormwood is closing in.. Do not let the elite steal your love. look at each other as your brother or sister and they are struggling with a invisible parasite "demon", and powerfull blackmagic and brainwashing by the elite. They need help and the only way to help them is with truth and the way to Truth is Jesus Christ. Love is the light that sets free the cold heart.
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