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Subject ANTI-DOOM LIST: 10 things to do before TEPCO starts tinkering with reactor #4
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Original Message GOT WEEKEND PLANS? Word is, Tepco will begin to remove the bent/burned/brittle remains of the spent fuel pool starting early next week. They seem to be sending out mixed signals...they say they may postpone, but have been also running disaster drills. So while Tepco preps, here are some things you may want to prep for...since it's pretty unlikely that this will go off without a hitch. Of course, we will be watching closely for signs of smoke, fire, ambulances en route to the plant, and big blue rainbows over Fuku - but in the meantime...

1) Get everything done outside that you need to do in the next few months. Bring in tomato plants, patio furniture, etc...here in Michigan we did this weeks ago, but it will vary from state to state depending on climate. Have tarps to cover what stays outside, including any cars you aren't planning on driving alot.

2) Car maintainance. Do it now. Any of those little things you plan on fixing or doing soon, do now. The goal is to MINIMIZE time spent outdoors.

3) Weatherstrip the S#!T out of your leaky windows and doors. Have a couple rolls of duct tape in your toolbox in case you want to fortify your enclosure. After all, it's what Tepco fixes a leaky nuke plant with. Get a couple pet-odor furnace filters from Home Depot or Petsmart. They contain activated carbon and will help filter out bad stuff in your air. A Hepa unit indoors will help too, if you can afford one.

4) Stock up on the things you need on a daily/weekly basis. Try to order 3 month supply of meds, or find a way to order meds on line if you go to the pharmacy alot. Cat food, kitty litter, snacks for the kids, copious amounts of wine, whatever. Fill up those cabinets. Don't forget the Baking Soda, you will need it to decontaminate fruits and vegetables.

5) Stock up on water. As much as you can, while its still somewhat uncontaminated. Reverse Osmosis, distillled...you can buy this at the grocery store for 50 cents a gallon. Have a way to filter more in your house. Hopefully you are all doing this already but to those late to the party, do it now.

6) Start faking an illness, or mention one that you already have...alot. Make sure your boss knows about it. Back flaring up, kidney stones...things that are hard to pinpoint and don't exactly need a doctors note. Now I know this sounds bad, lying and all, but consider the alternative... telling your employer you can't come into work because "The fallout is bad today" will probably not fly. I doubt Obama is going to tell everyone to stay home from work while Fuku burns to the ground. This is especially important if you work on Wall Street...remember 911?

7) If you didn't like 6 you aren't going to like this one either...do the same for your kids. Better yet, talk to their teachers (or in my case college instructors) about long-distance learning. Doing school from home, like when kids are really sick. This is easy to set up if they are in college. You don't want all that tuition going down the drain. I don't know about elementary, middle and high school, but start asking questions now if things get bad. Because if the same thing happens as it did in 311, it will be business as usual and your kids will be sent out for recess like nothing is wrong. If your kids school hasn't caught on to this by now, they aren't going to.

8)If you haven't found this out already, call every grocery store in your area and find out which ones carry produce from the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE. I can tell you right now, it's going to be the more expensive ones. And for god's sakes, learn how to COOK.

9) Really think long and hard if you need a geiger. The cheapest ones are 150.-, go in with your neighbors or family and split the cost if you need to. Have the really hardcore stuff, N-95 masks and a respirator if you live in Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, or California, or somewhere where it RAINS alot. We really all need these. Order it NEW online, at least have one for the brave soul who will be going to the mailbox everyday. The used/WW2 ones they sell at the Army/Navy Surplus have asbestos in the canisters so don't buy one of those.

10) If you are a Medical Marijuana patient, stock up. Make sure your care-giver or grower is growing INDOORS, and if not, find a new one.

And for more info, watch this cute little film from the Civil Defense made during bomb testing. It gives you an idea of our situation if #4 goes horribly wrong. Only instead of the fallout lasting a few hours or days, it will likely be much longer, weeks or months. There are alot of variables to this, the duration of the event will be determined by how much fuel is involved, among other things. Hope this list helps, and provokes some thought and comraderie. Because if you haven't noticed by now, we are on our own with this.

How to survive fallout from an atomic attack:

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