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Subject The Apostacy in the Church....
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Original Message This was sent to me via email. This has been in prophecy for a century:

The Apostasy in the Church

“…But when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on earth?” (Lk 18:8)

This loss of faith in the Church has many causative factors as well as many effects. Our Lady of Emmitsburg discusses how it begins with the priests, their formation and what is expected of them, the neglect of prayer in both clergy and the laity, the loss of the understanding and desire to surrender and abandon to God’s Will, a liberal theology that leads to indifference and unfaithfulness, the decay of the family and moral relativism—all of which lead to confusion and the effectiveness of Satan’s trap:

“…Clouds of evil are thickening and closing in around the Church…” (Public OLOE, Aug. 28, 1997) “…The apostasy of the Church is at hand, because of the many who have neglected the Holy Mysteries and Sacraments. There are many priests who have not been reverent and pious in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Many have lost their dedication to God due to their love of honor and pleasures. Many people are neglecting prayer because they have placed their interests above God’s interests in their order of priority. People are not willing to risk all for God because they are afraid about the things they cannot see. This reluctance to surrender is an element of control due to the lack of faith and trust in God. There are many now who even question whether God exists. The forces of evil have entered into the minds of many people because they have neglected prayer. Through the lack of prayer and merciless actions, mankind is asking God to abandon it to itself….” (Public OLOE, Aug. 31, 1995)

“…The Church does not need priests and religious who do not pray. Prayer and reflection is essential to fighting the persecutions of the Church. The laity of the Church have become far too demanding on parish priests. Many have lost their respect and have lifted their heads from the yoke of God’s obedience. They desire the freedom to endorse their enticements and actions, even if they know it would compromise living the word of God. As a result they persecute the Church through their lack of discipline, lack of prayer and disobedience in adhering to the Pope’s wishes. There are many people who even view the Pope as the Antichrist. His Cross is heavy. The evil attacks continue to crash upon the Church. I invite you to pray for the Church and to pray for enlightenment of your own actions so that further persecution of the Church might be prevented….” (Public OLOE,, July 3, 1997)

“…There is a tremendous amount of evil today. The evil one would like you to be unfaithful. He would like you to lose your graces and be filled with tears, suffering, bitterness and misery….The actual Word of God is publicized as a piece of literature. There is a movement to modernize the Church. Those seeking religious life are being taught liberal theology in many places. There are many people being taught that the Sacraments do not need to be valued and kept holy. This modernization places you in a very dangerous position. There are many financial and liberal groups and even clergy who would like to see my beloved Pope voluntarily resign his authority in hopes to gain a false freedom, unity and a modernized world. The obstacles preventing this false unity are current moral issues held in high esteem by my beloved Pope, such as abortion, sexuality and euthanasia…. (Public OLOE, Aug. 28, 1997)

“…The Church is being attacked by Satan at every level. There is great indifference which has caused her to be persecuted. Because of the lack of family prayer, vocations to priestly and religious life are few. Many youth are no longer taught of the tremendous importance, power and blessing to be a servant of God. The destruction of the family unity through divorce has affected the Church. Children’s values are being threatened, and their very existence is in danger through the support of abortion. They are growing in a world of indifference and are exposed to moral impurity. As a result they will not consider religious life….” (Public OLOE, July 3, 1997)

“…Even priests are breaking away from the True Word of God. God needs children of His Light and children too of His Merciful Love. Do not fall into Satan’s trap….” (Public OLOE, Mar. 18, 1999)

“The Church is suffering tremendously, not only Mother Church, but Christian Churches all over the world. There is tremendous confusion. Everyone seems to be scattered. Many people leave one church and go to another to hear what they think they need to hear. The Church here alone, the Roman Catholic Church, the one built upon the Rock, Peter’s Church, is under tremendous attack right now, as it has been in the past. Only this time there is indifference in the people; and then there is another group of people filled with hatred and willing to destroy anything that would challenge their moral values…. (Private OLOE, Apr. 24, 2010)

The Plan

“…They that hope in the Lord will renew their strength, they will soar as with eagles’ wings; they will run and not grow weary, walk and not grow faint.” (Is 40:31)

But in spite of the dismal condition described by Our Lady both in family life as well as in the life of her Church, she has a plan; and that plan consists of a purging and purifying of the sinfulness in her children and her Church, the resurrection of the Truth, and her commitment to do battle with those angry forces of evil who place her children at risk.

“…Right now there is much unfolding in the world. The lack of peace in the world and the fight for the monetary and economic control of the world are two entities merging, politically and religiously, forming into a head, as if a volcano about to erupt and destroy all the earth….The brightness of that light itself would, however, be enough; just as my children being purged and purified would be enough to be an offering to God to change all of humanity. In this symbolism, you may not realize the parallel with sin. Sin must be purged, and the Truth of God must erupt as a volcano. The dark coals are those who have wasted away, but the glowing red heat is that which continues to give Hope and new Life because of the Light of Christ….In this battle, a true battle, a war between good and evil, you must be willing to fight for the Truth to save my Church. This is the Church of my Son…..Look at my Son….If you turn your head and wait for someone, you yourself may be lost. So move forward and fight the battle, because few, very few shall remain. Those who remain are the ones who will make a new world….” (Private OLOE, May 25, 2003)

“…It seems to many that much has fallen upon my Church, but you must also note that Satan’s reign has ended, and now he is angry. In the unleashing of his anger, there have been tremendous attacks on the spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing of all people….I will never leave here. I am here to stay….This is the Center of my Immaculate Heart. This is the place historically that has been pre-arranged and ordained by God Himself as the Center of my Immaculate Heart; and at the Center, a refuge for all children. Where I am, I go only because my Son is there. So the unveiling of His Divine Mercy must first unfold, and the victorious Triumph of my Immaculate Heart will follow….” (Public OLOE, June 28, 2003)

”…Renew thy signs, and work new miracles….”
(Sirach 36:6)

Not being intimidated by the weaknesses and errors in the institutional Church and many of its leaders and members, Our Lady of Emmitsburg, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, restates the assigned and accepted mission of her faithful children, her own mission as well as the promise of the Heavenly Father to intervene, and the victorious climax to come for those who remain faithful to God’s Truth:

“I am the spouse of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is needed to renew this Church….Those who have been faithful know, indeed, that nothing has really gone away. Like with the Apostles, things are only multiplying with so many people enduring suffering for the greater glory of God. The battle now is not between you and the Church, the battle now is between the Church (authorities) and God….” (Private OLOE, Apr. 24, 2010) “The Church is in turmoil, but the Church will continue, whether holy priests, Bishops or Cardinals desire to listen to my words or not; and even though there are those who are distracted and are actually trying to destroy Mother Church….” (Private OLOE, Sept. 5, 2010)

“Much confusion happens because of my Church, the Church about which my Son told Peter that “upon this rock” no evil shall prevail against it or destroy it. But people at all levels have free will, and everyone’s perception is different. Many people are confused because they do not want to be disobedient to the Church; however, they are not disobedient! But because of the wrong message being sent by some in my Church and the miscommunication, there are many suffering who so much desire to come….” (Private OLOE, May 2, 2006)

“…In 1993 I invited you (Gianna) to come here for a great mission involving my Church. I am the Mother of the Church, the Church of my Son. I invited you to pray for all the priests, the Bishops, the Cardinals, and my most beloved Pope. You accepted, and in your ‘yes’ my special presence here was allowed to begin. Thanks be to God for His goodness in allowing me to stay. Your mission is not over because so much needs yet to be done within my Church. I am on Satan’s turf, and I shall be victorious in crushing his head. God the Father is intervening so that no child shall be lost….” (Private OLOE, Jan 30, 2004)

…In the midst of this confusion my Immaculate Heart will triumph and Jesus will reign. Just when Satan believes he has corrupted the Rock of Peter and will be crowned with victory, will God then reveal the Truth, gather His people and expose the many myths and fallacies which are deceiving you….You can victoriously march through these clouds of evil if you are safely hidden in the Covenant of Our Two Hearts….” (Public OLOE, Aug. 28, 1997)

“Clouds and darkness surround the Lord;
justice and right are the foundation of His Throne.”
(Ps 97:2)

”…And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it….”
(Mt 16:18)
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