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Subject Brown Kachina Prophecy
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Original Message Many have heard of the blue kachina and red kachina prophecy, but few have heard about the more illusiive brown kachina prophecy. I was foretold long ago that when the blue kachina removes its mask before the plaza of nations 7 billion brown kachinas would instantly close so tight that even the smallest molecules of methane can not escape.

Since we have all watched NASA fumble through filming the so called comet of the century at key points over the last two weeks, we can only assume the day of the Brown Kachina prophecy is near. Since perhilion of dual stars likely occured on Nov 28, Nasa felt it was best the wedding photos were kept private and that is the real reason they played the same image for a couple hours. SOl 1 and Sol 2 requested privacy at that time and NASA honored that wish. The special union was so intense that the lights were dimmed and the cameras turned off in respect. The heros at Nasa prevented the brown kachina prophecy from prematurely happening on that day by bravely turning all the cameras off.

NASA wants you to know that the wedding is now over and you have nothing to worry about when our twin star buzzes our north pole on Dec 21, 2013. It is now just a massive formation of harmless comet flour and pixie dust now. Those solar flares that continue to follow it daily are just photo anomlolies caused by inverse parallax and camera reverberation. It now weighs no more than a few hundred trillion bags of benign flour that may or may not contain a small little residual coma. It is so dim and insignificant that the cameras that are turned off can barely detect it.

For some the brown kachina prophecy will start to be fulfilled around Dec 14. Once the red kachina appears it was foretold the brown kachina prophecy will soon follow. It is highly likely the prophecy will be fulfilled for everyone by Dec 21, 2013. Alternatively we could see a the harmless comet powder form a giant space mandala that says Merry Christsmas. Have your cameras and recorder ready just in case nasa has more technical problems.
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