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Subject South Sudan: Bringing Thousands of Muslims to America
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Original Message Just in case you're wondering why the hell America is in South Sudan, here's the scoop.

This is a final push for bringing in even more Muslims that will be a part of Obama's private army....you know....the army Obama needs to kill off Americans.

I just saw on the news where the U.S. is helping those "poor Americans" in Sudan. Problem is, they're all black Muslims. And they will be coming to a town near you, with all of their expenses paid for...by you, their housing, their food, their medical needs (not Obamacare) will be paid for....by you. And pretty soon these Muslims will be attacking....you...on American soil.

Nelson Mandela's death was a "milestone" in marking the end of the whitey....end of the cracker.....end of the Christian...end of the America that we all love.

Folks, we're in a down-hill slide, and it's only going to get increasingly steeper, and faster, from here on out.

Imagine, thousands more Obama's and Sharptons and Jacksons on American soil.

Yes sir, folks. This phony Obama contrived "unrest" in South Sudan was created in order to bring more terrorists to America. So be sure to thank you local Masonic Lodge (The Shriner's, 33rd Degree Masons, created The Muslim Brotherhood). Obama is a 33rd Degree Freemason AND a high ranking member of the Brotherhood.

"Let's get ready to ruuuuummmmble!!!!"
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