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Subject Did anyone else get freaked out during the 5 min snow blizzard in baltimore maryland xmas eve 2013
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Original Message 40 years of age and never before seen anything like this!

between 4:00 and 4:30 pm the sun was out shining getting ready to start to set.

no forecast on any weather websites, tv stations or radio.

no dark clouds anywhere in sight while gazing at horizon.

stepped away from the window to use the bathroom and grabbed my news paper.

within 5 minutes heard children outside screaming as well as neighbors.

A massive white out of hard blowing snow completely transformed the sky within minutes,

The snow was blowing super hard, super thick, and within 5 minutes there was about an inch of snow on the ground.

It left as fast as it came.

As it was happening I journeyed to several of my favorite weather/radar websites.

There was no indication that it was snowing, no clouds on the radar, no nothing.

This snow was very very eerie feeling as it did not give any alert or warning.

for a second I thought we were in the middle of an instant pole shift.

I thought about the siberian mammoth being frozen with grass still in his stomach because it was literally a sunny and clear sky only 5 minutes earlier without any forecast of snow.

I always verify storms that blow through with radar signatures and this time was the first time ever there was 40 mph an hour winds, heavy large snow flakes coming down and it freaked out the entire neighborhood.

talked about it at x-mas dinner today with about 20 different friends and family members who all witnessed it yesterday and said they had never seen anything like this in their lifetimes!

I cannot confirm if this was witnessed outside of baltimore maryland but the reports I have confirm that north,west,south,and east baltimore all saw this come out of literally empty space.

This was unlike any snow storm ever.

Since when does a full blown blizzard only last 5 minutes??

It was snowing like it was snowpacolypse and has me on a bit of an alert status.

There was no warning and if this storm would have continued for 20 minutes there would have had to be about 6 inches on the ground.

It came down with a fury and a swiftness no one has ever seen.
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