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Subject Death With Dignity and why TPTB Promote Religion and Discourage Suicide
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Original Message Why were religions really created?

Why have the been used by those in power to manipulate and control the populous since societies formed and civilizations began?

I mean, any rational person can look at organized religions and their interconnectedness with secular governments and know without question that these religions exist for no other reason than to subjugate and enslave millions of people.

I have been watching a documentary about Oregon's assisted suicide/death with dignity laws and listening to the people chronicled in the film has made me think a lot about why suicide is so culturally stigmatized and why governments need religions to keep their sheeple in line.

These people, who have had the legal right to opt of their pain and suffering at their leisure have regained total control of themselves and their souls. Even those who choose not to follow through with euthanasia but who have the drugs that will end their lives painlessly and with dignity in their possession seem to possess a freedom that most humans only dream of - even as they suffer from various painful and debilitating terminal illnesses.

Religion is used to keep people in line, to give them a healthy fear that whatever happens after they die may be worse than whatever hell they are suffering here. That if they willfully leave this realm, they will be condemned to an eternity of suffering. That the best they can hope for in all of existence is to be a slave in this life and a servant in the next.

It makes people pliable, docile, easy to control by ingraining in their psyche from their earliest memory that the don't truly own themselves - that they are someone or something else's property.

These people, who know that they can choose to end their suffering on this plane, without pain and without judgement, seem to be more at peace and less like sheep than any people I have ever observed. They know they belong to no one but themselves. That both their body and their soul are theirs and theirs alone to do with as they please, when they please, and if they so choose.

Can you imagine a society full of people who knew this? They would be sheeple no more, and TPTB knows this.

They want us to feel owned, from the cradle to the grave, to take whatever they dish out because we HAVE NO VIABLE ALTERNATIVE.

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to control a million workers if you knew that if you pushed them too far, they just might not be there tomorrow? They might all simply opt out and end this existence - painlessly. That THEY owned themselves and their fate and they knew it? You may think a little bit more about how you treated them if you knew they might not be there tomorrow.

Look, for example, at China, where Apple has had to install nets around buildings to prevent people from jumping off. They can't even KILL themselves. They have no alternative to getting up every morning and being cogs in the corporate machine.

I think EVERYBODY should have the right to have in their cupboard an easy way out. I think that government's created religion and religious guilt to keep their slaves enslaved and from escaping this existence on their own terms. It is the taboo of death, the fear of eternal punishment, that keeps the good little sheep in line. It's the idea that we are owned by a big bad sky daddy who will be very VERY disappointed in us if we refuse to be slaves that keeps us slaves in the first place.

It's all a lie.

They don't want us dead because it takes time to grow the next generation of workers.

That's it.
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