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Subject Adam Lanza was treated with psyche drugs for years, but will the results of the investigation into his psyche drug history ever be released?
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Original Message Jon Rappoport makes the point that Connecticut is the home of several large pharmaceutical companies and many universities including Yale where a lot of expensive bioresearch is done.

There's been an investigation into whether the years of psyche drugs Adam Lanza ingested could have contributed to or caused a violent episode, but is it being suppressed because of pressure from moneyed interests in Connecticut?

[link to jonrappoport.wordpress.com]

Here's an excerpt from the article, less than 50%:

"Adam Lanza, the purported Sandy Hook School shooter, is the subject of an ongoing investigation in Connecticut. No, it’s not a police probe, it’s about “mental health.”

The investigation is all about Lanza’s medical history, what diagnoses were made, who the doctors were, what psychiatric drugs they prescribed Lanza.

The Governor of Connecticut is ultimately in charge, in order to make recommendations about improving “mental health” in the state and preventing future violent tragedies.

But the inquiry has stalled. And stalled.

Despite multiple agencies apparently having possession of Lanza’s medical/psychiatric history, these reports have been held close to the vest and not released.


There are a number of reasons.

First and obviously, the psychiatric drugs didn’t make Lanza better, they made him worse; and some of those drugs, like the SSRI antidepressants, are known to cause violent behavior, including homicide.

The Assistant Attorney General of Connecticut, Patrick Kwanashie, remarked, when asked why the list of psychiatric drugs Lanza took over his lifetime wasn’t being exposed: “[It] would cause a lot of people to stop taking their medications.”

Rightly or wrongly cause people to stop? Kwanishie meant wrongly, but the truth is: rightly.

Here are telling quotes from two recent Sheila Matthews AbleChild.org articles that suggest further reasons why Lanza’s psychiatric history isn’t being revealed in detail:

“What is known is that Adam [Lanza] was treated over many years, by many mental care practitioners, for his disorders.” Can’t expose all these doctors’ failures.

“Adam’s primary psychiatrist was Dr. Paul Fox who, in 2011, surrendered his license to practice medicine in Connecticut and New York, destroyed his records and moved to New Zealand.” Well, doesn’t that raise some juicy questions."
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