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Subject Did Carl Jung know this? His "Scarab Beetle" may have been Egypt's sacred symbol for a"singularity!" Video inside.
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Original Message Just a few things before we begin this thread!

Changed title. Added info about Carl Jung.
Edited: 1-29-14
This thread is NOT about religion nor an attempt to
"convert" anyone to hold a belief in a symbol which
they would otherwise find contrary to their belief-
system. It is just about ideas and how symbols--
"as ideas" can play a part in our thought processes.
We DO monitor our posts and will delete any comments
which we feel are rude, inappropriate or bring in
"hate-debates" on religion or politics.

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Founder of modern psychology, Carl Jung, had
what some people believe was a "supernatural"
experience during one of his early psychotherapy
sessions with a scarab beetle. The troubled woman
who sought treatment was reporting to Jung being
haunted by a dream about a scarab beetle. Suddenly,
Jung noticed a scarab beetle on the window pane
of his office window. This single experience would
lead Jung into a life-long study of "synchronicity."

[link to dougdillon.com]

I had my own experience with the scarab beetle
--ALSO the Egyptian Creation Goddess called: "Khepra"
(my AVATAR since joining GLP)--and synchronicity
last night! So...what's with SYMBOLS and what did
the synchronicity mean?

Everyone can recognize this symbol--we see it
on GLP every day!


Some symbols are positive...they can make us

Homersbrain Homerbrain

Some symbols "creep-us-out" and we need to
try and think about something else!

"Meet Joe Black" without the Hollywood treatment!

Symbols even pre-date written words...and there
was one civilization 1,000s of years ago who
used Symbols for their words! (We were told
until recently that they were too "primitive"
to have a written alphabet....right.)


Pretty much, today however, we don't really feel
that we are actively TALKING to...or HEARING
from "living symbols" (like the ancient Egyptians
must have believed they could.) For a symbol to
just "jump out at you" and tell you something, you
need to be very "tuned-in" to that symbol, understand
it completely and have a working relationship with
it--like we have with our Avatars as GLP members!
Just like Walt Whitman said: "Understand one thing
--absolutely--and you will know everything!"
Well...This happened tonight for me with my Avatar!

What I saw in my Avatar (with the help of the following
information I will share) was so intense that I
changed my Avatar I've used for a year to a new
version of it...It is the Egyptian symbol for
Khepra (the "winged disk" is the Sumerian equivalent
for Khepra exactly) with the "Flower of Life"
(Sacred Geometry) overlaid on the image.

(You can see the image under my member's name at
left of the thread)
This is what it looked like prior to today
(this was the xmas version!)


You may have also seen Khepra in pictures such as this
in National Geographic or in such films as Harrison Ford's
"Raiders of the Lost Ark":

The symbol of the "dung beetle" according to the
archeology texts was used as a Goddess of Creation,
because the Egyptian Dung Beetle (female) would lay
her eggs in a dung ball, roll it along with her
front pincers and place it in safety where the new-
born beetles could hatch. Because they often were
also buried, the new-born beetles appeared to just
"come into existence fully formed--FROM NOTHING"
rather than coming out from a nest or an egg...
and the ancient tribal people thought
this tantamount to "magical creation." Eventually,
the symbol of the beetle pushing a ball above her
head came to symbolize the rising sun...and also
the Egyptian Goddess herself, Isis.

This video by Danny Wilten which was released just
today--was the little "spark" of inspiration to do
this thread and share my personal journey of
"connecting-the-dots"! (No, Wilten does NOT say
that Khepra is symbol for "singularity"...that is
my own logic and imagination--but it works!

Video from Danny Wilten:

[link to www.youtube.com]
(See the "Flower of Life" overlay over the image of
the Sumerian Winged Disk at the 23 sec. mark above.)

For a better understanding of Wilten's visuals and
how they tie into Jung's "archetypes" and the idea
of "singularity"--you may wish to watch this interesting and very easy to understand presentation by Nissam Harramein.
The Singularity is something which Harramein knows
a great deal about and is actually what composes
the "Flower of Life" (overlay lines Wilten uses on some
of his visuals to show sacred geometry)...it is a very
"Big Deal!"


Nissam Harramein Sacred Geometry and Unified Fields

[link to www.youtube.com]
(Watch this and you will appreciate how the blending
of Harramein's and Wilten's research is so absolutely

NOTE: This is Fair USE of Nissam Harramein's
VIDEO presentation (for education/religion):

Apparently, Nissam Harramein has endorsed the
research into the "Flower of Life"/singularity
Pattern of Creation which Danny Wilten has been
researching. It is so profound a discovery that
Wilten was able to identify the location of a black
hole in the center of the Orion Nebula Trapezium a
full year before NASA announced their own discovery!
Wilten was able to do this through his background in
Vatican Art and computer analysis without a degree
in astrophysics!

Wilten's video of Nissam Harramein's endorsement:

[link to www.youtube.com]


So...my conclusion about the Khepra symbol and the
"Flower of Life" (which you can see in the 23 second
mark in Danny Wilten's video above)...is that the
beautiful symbol of the "beetle Goddess" is actually
a totum symbol by the Ancient Egyptians for BOTH
the Orion Nebula (which Wilten has discovered and
made several beautiful videos on) AND an
anthropomorphized (made into human/animal form) for
"a singularity!" (If you are curious about what a
singularity is--go back to the video by Nissam Harramein
he explains it so even a 6 year old can understand!

With the Khepra Goddess, the Egyptians were pointing
to a mathematical concept which has only just recently
been accepted by modern science...yet we were taught
in school and in colleges that the Egyptians used
primitive tools to build the pyramids and their
language predated the written word because we only
have examples of their writing in hyroglyphics
(which contain symbols!)

How the could they know about "singularity" 5,000
years ago? Now....that's a question!

I'm really pleased that I realized that my Avatar is a symbol which the brilliant mathematicians of ancient
Egypt used for a singularity (as well as for the
Orion Nebula). These guys were amazing!

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