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Subject bay area now in play...big fed bust,,what a tangled web they weave!!
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Original Message people easily forget that san Francisco has always been a key oil realm since the arabian oil came on line in 1938(aramco as the fusion of standard oil of California and the house of saud)...this arabian oil became, as the state department quickly realized, the largest commercial prize in the history of the planet, and the guys that poked the first holes in the sand came out of the building at 225 bush street, downtown san Francisco

because of its economic clout, the bay area has always been protected by chevron(the new standard oil) and saudi arabia....the times began to change with the boat rocking energy breakup of the soviet union and since the good energy on the pacific side(putin's) is now the game changer for the good, the bad guys are pulling all their tools out of the destabilization toolbox to stall the downmove in global prices...this means working the russian far east and the chinese periphery(china is putin's biggest customer) inclusive of san francisco/oakland, as it is for the first time in history in play

yesterday the gang went after a chinese american politician from san rancisco thru their spy/bribe network(the energymob is so at home in this dangerous international city), specically his oakland based financial consultant and his "steering committee" who moved gun money, extacy money, and whore money into the politicians coffers thru the liason

the fbi, using military technology and manpower, worked on this case for 5 years, and now was the time to bust it out, much to the comical surprise of a notorious Chinese ex-felon gang leader who headed the "steering committee" (he thought it was business as usual as the oil gang had been protecting operations for many years)

a year or so ago a similar charade occurred here when san francisco got a new Chinese American mayor who wanted to crack down on crime which meant going after drugs and the guns and the whores that run with it.... the sheriff of san francisco and his wife came up with a brutality charade and tried to drag the mayor down with the sheriff by looking for evidence that the mayor offered the sheriff a job to resign after the charges were made public...the brutality case was similar to the lewinsky affair as it involved third party witnessing and was years in the planning(do the research on monica, the billion dollar oil whore)

the in between event was the partial crash of the china point of origin asiana jet at san francisco airport a few months ago...this plane was computer commandeered by the military/oil intel network just as the malaysian boeing jet....i don't think that its a coincidence that the bay area is a tech center, that the computer hacker snowden is in moscow with the zionist leaning oil oligarchs, and that the sheriff is of Iranian jewish descent....the last piece of geographic circumstantials here would be that extacy and ped's are both bay area based and linked into zionism(extacy synthesized here) and jihad(the saudi bankrolled labs)

so take this as an observation from a well trained eye AND a heads up
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