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Subject i want to help gangstalking victims and targeted individuals
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Original Message hi,

so i have this plan or idea to help gangstalking victims and targeted individuals. theres different types of gang stalking but i want to focus on helping people who are under electronic harrasment. or who have had electronic/directed energy weapons used on them.

those of you who hear a buzzing or frequency sent at you, burns to your skin and other things where every other medical cause and electrical possibility is ruled out

i might be able to crack this open. for the usa to realize things.

i want to raise some kind of awareness and get attention from law enforcement. i already spoke to fbi about this and they seem to have a good idea of what i was talking about. i think the more reports of this they get from across the country the more they will believe and listen and be concerned. i was targeted by a microwave weapon so i had to call and report. if this happened to you and there is no other explainable cause, electricity issue in home, health issue etc? then report it. maybe they can make a database and know this is happening to the general public

i spoke to my district attorney office and police about this and i didnt get the reponse i wanted but im speaking to them so atleast they know what is going on.

i want to tell more people what happened to me in order to raise concern in the general public.. because maybe the right people will realize whats going on and be able to help the countless thousands of others being harrased.

i think of the other people who have been through this. and i cannot imagine someone else going through what i went through. its the worst torture. no targeted individual could have done anything wrong enough to deserve that. and to have their basic rights not there.

i have been hearing a buzzing being transmitted into my families home for atleats 2 yrs now. then i was burned and actually attacked by the microwave weapon at one point causing a serious life threatening injury and not only that around the same time i was injured with that. a few weeks later a household member of mine who is very young found out they have cancer but they found it in the early stage so they were able to get rid of it on time,meaning it probably developed in recent times, . i know the reason they got the cancer cells is because the home we have been living in together IS being hit with radiation from the electronic weapon. my family has been radiated and you have 2 household members here with affects. i bought an emf reader and when the buzzing is there ill go into a room with no electrical appliances plugged in and no lights on and the emf reader will go crazy and be at a high rating. when i dont hear the buzzing the reader is close to zero in the same room. so its detecting something

i think maybe this happened to me so that i could help people.

as if i need to do something so that they dont do this to the general public at large one day or so that they stop experimenting on the targeted individuals. i think they are used as an experiment before this is used on the general public one day to control them or something, maybe after the economy sinks finally they will use this and say its to control riots but....

i want to rid the world of this kind of technology and put the evil people who think use of this technology is okay, in their place. put them in their place and tell them no its not okay not in this world.

i imagined a better future for the world and those ones doing this should not take over the world and do bad things

ed snowden has the right idea. give people back their basic rights and basic PRIVACY. a right to privacy thats not too much to ask.he must be from the world im from because this evil world here has people running it who think we dont need any privacy or free will.

they introduce things to the public and dont give them a choice and say its for their best interest to protect them.
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