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Subject Fukushima Update: MASSIVE FAILURE AT FUKUSHIMA. p53
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Original Message UPDATES HERE…

Massive Failure at Fukushima.

Thread: Fukushima Update: MASSIVE FAILURE AT FUKUSHIMA. p53 (Page 53)

Previous Updates:

Fukushima Radiation Identified off Northern California pg52

Judge: Sailors' class-action suit can proceed over alleged radiation exposure p52

"After the Worst" Arnie Gundersen air on RadioShock.org 10/28/2014

Highest radiation in ground water at Japan’s NPP after nuclear disaster p51

Only 8 Pages missing..........we continue........

FUKUSHIMA RADIATION REPORT TV Journalist found dead Pg50......???

REPORT...... DCPP Monitoring for Japan Nuclear Accident pg58 (Well, it was page 58 anyways.... check page 49 or 50......)

Video of the console dropped into spent fuel pool during debris removal of Unit #3 Fukushima Daiichi pg57

"Fukushima 2014" - Prof. Marc* 'the Arc' Turian UNPlugged on The Dr. Hildy Show pg56

Extensive Hot Particle Contamination from Fukushima
No matter how low the levels of radiation, our cells are being damaged when they absorb it. pg54

Our Legacy...A Dead Pacific Ocean pg54

We’ve Opened the Gates of Hell pg48

Fukushima Update Massive numbers of sea creatures dying along the west coast right now pg48

Fukushima Nuclear Fuel Found 15 Miles From Tokyo Japan pg47

IF you really want to know what the FUK is going on, click here pg47

Fukushima Unit 4- Red Smoke Is Venting Through The Roof 8/7/14 pg46


Fukushima Already Killing Americans. By Design? pg45

"Navy sailor exposed to Fukushima radiation reveals depth of government cover-up" pg44

Fukushima 7/14/14:Uncovering Unit 1-"Large Amount" of Radioactive Substances Will Soon Be Released pg42

Nuclear Watch: Fukushima dodged a nuclear bullet with the weakening of Typhoon Neoguri pg41

"Super Typhoon Neoguri" Cat 5 (Apocalyptic Arrival) Japan: Will FUKUSHIMA SURVIVE?: p39

No Technology Exists To Solve Fukushima's Melted Fuel Problem-Top U.S.Official: pg38

State: FDA study finds Alaska fish safe from Fukushima radiation pg37

Hanford Company Cleaning up Fukushima Radioactive Water; pg36

US Tax Payers on the hook for paying for FUKUSHIMA, while TEPCO makes a profit!?!? pg32

A Coverup of Radiation Exposure of US Servicemen and other first responders pg32

Fukushima Updates: Another Fire at FUKUSHIMA 6/18/2014 pg31

Fukushima News 6/16/14:Tepco's Ice Wall Plans Melting; Radioactive Waste-Conning Fukushima Residents pg29

Nuclear Power Plants frequently release radiation!!!! p29
San Onofre, WIPP, Fukushima Nuclear News update 6/14/14 pg29

First Sailor aboard USS Ronald Reagan dies after being exposed to Fukushima Radiation pg28

The perfect scenario for Wigner Dust….. Black Rain ……. update page 28

Nuclear Exclusion Zones no longer necessary for future nuclear disasters. - report says…. update page 24

Fukushima Updates: Plus, 1% of Pelicans on the coast of California hatched this year…. 20 hatched where normally 10,000 are hatched... pg23

Scare Tactics Continue on Fukushima Unit 4 pg22

Fukushima Daiichi UPDATE -Tritium levels at Fukushima No. 1 top Pacific Ocean dumping limit, Tepco admits/P.21

FIRE reported in Fukushima Daiichi - Radiation Alert Message email sent to clients to inform them...radiation level has increased Update P.17

RAM Radiation Alert Message email sent to clients to inform them that the radiation level has increased UPDATE P.17

This is the 2nd report I have heard about this......can we confirm this is accurate? Watch the full 1 hour video, not just the 3 minute condensed video!

We don't need confirmation. It is what it is! pg16
This is INSANE pg13


The gift that keeps on giving.....It's never ending pg7
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