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Subject Inner Body Vibrations, Ear Ringing & Head Pains
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Original Message Well last couple months have been a ride for me.

The ride is not over is it, LOL... I always hated roller coasters as a kid. Well guess what my own roller coaster is happening right now.

Stay tuned... I am talking Ascension Symptoms. They are increasing in intensity. Something is happening to us, maybe it is just me. But maybe others feel litle hints of this.

Our RNA/DNA is getting rewired/upgraded. I can feel it.

I can share a lot of the symptoms I have been experiencing. But will touch on one.

•Head Pains and Pressures
•Inner Body Vibrations
•Inner Ear Ringing
•Eye Pains
•”Buddha Belly”

Experienced many of the above lately. I love ”Buddha Belly”, it may explain all my heart-burn.

But tonight's topic is eye pains and/or optic nerve pains. You dont really feel your eyes hurt, but feel the pain in front of or behind your eyes. It is 'sharp' and last for 10-20 seconds. It does get your attention.

I have been experiencing this for about a month now. It happens while in deep thought, just thinking about things.

•Eye Pains — With the brain halves being Rewired our physical eyes, optic nerves, entry of higher frequency Light into our brains through our eyes etc., physical vision and higher clairvoyant vision has and still is going through dramatic evolutionary changes in a very short period.

If you’ve been paying attention to the Sun and the light it radiated before the Ascension Process began, the color of it, the feel of it and so on as I have my entire life, then you also know that the Sun and its color, feel and energy has changed dramatically over the past twenty years or so.

The Sun has continually received and then transmitted to earth and humanity every higher frequency Light Energy (code, blueprint) transmitted to it from the Milky Way Galactic Center (GC); from orbiting deeper and deeper into the 7D Photon Band of Light Frequency over the years; and from other sources and locations also. Naturally these NEW higher Light Energies intentionally received by our Sun are then intentionally transmitted on to the earth, humanity, and all life on this planet. Our bodies, brains, hearts, eyes and everything else must be able to embody these more complex, higher frequency Light Codes or Light Energies and “ascend” to the next level and phase of ongoing spiritual creativity/learning.

These NEW higher Light Energies or Light Codes (which are the NEW Evolutionary Cycle’s blueprints for humanity and earth) must be embodied first by the Forerunners of the Forerunners, then the Forerunners, and then more and more of humanity over time. But first, back to our eyes and why they’ve been hurting, blurry, dry, sore and bruised feeling for years.

These NEW Light Energies, Light Codes for the NEW Evolutionary Cycle are coming into our Rewired brains and Rewired bodies, and of course into our eyes too which causes some pains, pressures and other phenomena. It also is causing us to be able to see a wider range of everything; colors, frequencies, non-physical Beings, Light, Waves and so on. In other words, all this NEW higher frequency Light being transmitted from the GC throughout the Milky Way (the burst “Fermi Bubbles” of January 2013) have been blasting everything everywhere with NEW Evolutionary Light Codes for the NEW Cycle and our eyes, optic nerves, brains, and central nervous systems (and everything else) have been absorbing this NEW Light, and because we’re still in transition with all this, they hurt, feel sore, oftentimes become dry and blurry etc. This won’t last forever but it’s caused from us existing within these NEW higher Light Energies. Been seeing (clairvoyantly) more anomalies? This is another reason why more and more people are Seeing a wider range of multidimensional reality, energies, and beings and this is just the start!
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