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Subject Judyth Vary Baker's book, "Mee and Lee" is a must read for every American
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Original Message After years of researching the JFK assassination, I discovered a woman named Judyth Vary Baker. She spent the entire summer of 1963 in the company of Lee Harvey Oswald while working undercover to develop a version of cancer that is so strong that no human could possibly survive it. She was a brilliant scientist who had the dream of curing cancer, but during her college years, she was chosen as an intern in New Orleans to work with one of the most notorious doctors and scientists of that time. She thought she would be spending her summer helping to find cures for cancer, but instead found herself drug into a FBI/CIA group who was working on a covert plan to weaponize cancer, then send the weapon into Cuba to execute Fidel Castro. When she learned what she was getting involved in, a man named David Ferrie spent several hours convincing her that Castro was a threat to the US, that the government was a part of their plan, and killing Castro was her patriotic duty. As a naive girl, she was easily persuaded that she would in fact be saving thousands of Cubans. In return for her help in this matter, she was promised that she would skip the last two years of undergraduate school and head directly into medical school in the fall.
She and Lee worked closely together and soon found their relationship went from professional, to friends, and finally lovers. She fell hard for Lee as he did her, and they dreamed of life together. They made plans for the future once their mission was over.
The time came for Lee and Judyth to separate, but they hoped it would be short and temporary. Judyth awaited instructions from her Florida home that it was time to go meet Lee in Mexico. They spoke by telephone almost daily. Lee's new assignment was dangerous. He had infiltrated a ring of individuals who were planning to assassinate President Kennedy. She begged him to run and disappear, but he was in too deep. She asked him on November 21st if he was really going to go through with Kennedy, and he said, of course not. Yet, he believed if he was involved, he could look as if he was shooting, yet miss the President on purpose. I do not believe he knew that there would be other shooters used throughout Dealy Plaza in case he missed the all important headshot. As he told Judyth, "if I am the one shooting, that will be one less bullet aiming at the President". Of course, there were other shooters that did accomplish the task. Lee Harvey Oswald went down in history as the "lone nut assassin", which was far from the truth.
Judyth has come forward in her book to explain who Lee Harvey Oswald truly was... A good father, a loyal friend, and an operative for the FBI/CIA. He followed the orders of his handlers, and was ultimately betrayed by them. The detailed events that Judyth Baker writes about in "Me and Lee" give much insight to how Lee Oswald was set up by the very people he trusted and worked for.
It is time for the absolute truth to be known by all. Judyth Baker has the key to unlocking the greatest mysteries and tragedies of our time. This is a book that every American should read. Judyth has lost so much in coming forward. It was a huge risk, seeing as though many witnesses that had any information of importance at that time died mysterious deaths. She stayed quiet for many years to protect herself and her family. Now that she has come forward, she has been forced to flee the US and live abroad in order to protect her life. However, she felt it was important to give the American people the truth before she died, so she bravely wrote this incredible book that lays out every detail, every lie, and most importantly, every truth. "The powers that be" have tried desperately to keep this book from reaching the people of the US. We must not let them keep us from the truth any longer. Be proactive, get and read the book. You will never be disappointed, and you will never see JFK and Lee Oswald in the same light again.
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