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Subject Important Notice Regarding Targeted Individuals and Gangstalking
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Original Message Please redistribute.

Hello. I am writing to you from behind a sealed wall. You may have heard of someone referring to themselves as a Targeted Individual, and/or victims of a phenomena called Gangstalking.

I am one such sufferer of this technology, and have been for many years. The suffering is unimaginable, and one I would prefer to not get into in too much depth for fear of terrifying innocent people.

There is a lot of misinformation going on in the world in regards to this. One of the main misintelligence is that this is being caused by our government. This cannot be the case, based on what I've seen with my own eyes. There may be a little bit of that going on, as our governments are trying to create this same technology, and we definitely don't want that.

I am going to try and briefly tell you what I know, and what I was told by the perpetrators of this madness, whom I have been in contact with.

They speak to me in my mind. One of these perpetrators told me that he acts as Satan, and they operate from large spaceships. I saw one of these spaceships with my own eyes. They showed it to me, and it was incredibly large. I have also seen one of their beings on Earth, and the very look of them terrifies you right to your very core. I don't really speak with other Targeted Individuals, because they don't believe what I've seen, and they don't co-operate with me. It's a pretty broken up group, with everyone having their own experiences, and many of them driven insane. But it's a repairable insanity, I'm told.

First, let me state that I don't know if I can trust these individuals to tell me the truth. I have been through an awful lot, and they are known to lie. So I am just going to tell you what they told me, and you can use your own judgment, whether or not you can believe what these entitites have told me.

After many years of this abuse, I was told that I, and others like me, have been a demonstration of their technology. We weren't told who was behind it, so as to save us from the agony of knowing how deep this went. I kind of knew myself. These people can read our thoughts, and they have been keeping track of the wrongdoings of everyone on our planet. I, and other T.I.'s and abductees have been trying to get help and assistance from the government, and other organizations, and they will not help us. They barely even listen to us. They also want to put us in mental facilities and give us serious and dangerous treatments, such as electric shock therapy, and useless medication. Sometimes, Satan allows this medication to appear to be working to fool the doctors into thinking they are effective measures when in fact they are not. Then the T.I.'s are released from those medical prisons, only to be tortured again, and forever labelled as a lunatic. These doctors will soon be proven wrong.

Satan told me that they have been keeping track of those neglectful abuses by our world politicians and so-called professionals, and creating evidence against everyone on our planet. They know the evildoers, what their plans are, and what they have been doing behind closed doors. Soon, these evildoers will feel this sting that us wrongful victims have been suffering for so long, and hopefully, Satan says, us T.I. victims will be set free, and rewarded for our suffering. Yes, rewarded, and the meek shall be rewarded. They also say that they are lenient when they can be.

They have been dropping us hints that they are here. They have not operated completely invisibly. There's no reason for anyone to deny this has been happening. There is a cover-up and ignorance in our world abounds. Many have seen their ships, and the ignorant people on our planet deny that they even exist. These ignorant people deny that which they have no knowledge of, and have continued to perpetrate this cover-up, and they have been keeping these innocent people, these T.I.'s and Gangstalking victims, in bondage. They may too feel the sting or wrath when it comes. Satan knows who these people are. That is abuse when you tell someone that what they have seen with their own eyes did not really happen, or could not have happened. That's abuse, Satan and his gang hates it, and they know who you people are. They baited you and you fell for it. They say if you've ever been fishing, or hunting, or played games like Knockout, you will have no excuse when you get caught on their hooks. You're fair game. That includes people like salesmen, who unfairly bait people into buying things they do not need, or trick you into paying exorbitant prices for inferior products. They know who you are.

This sealed wall that I am referring to is a wall that is kept in place through mind control and artificial intelligence technology. Nobody listens to you. Nobody helps you. They have control over our technology and can keep you out of places where you might go to seek help, for example, by getting you automatically banned, or any number of methods. There's just too many to list. They can destroy your relationships, turn groups against you, or simply make it appear as though you are being stalked, when in fact, you are not. Or you might be! They can shock you, burn you, and cause you mental and emotional trauma. They have also told me they can abduct you onto their ships. But they don't have to do that to be effective. Everything can be done remotely. Many of us T.I.'s live in a forced isolation with no hope, and they say it would be nice if someone would go to them and help them finally. But it doesn't matter, for their redemption is drawing near, for the innocent ones, and I myself, as a T.I., hope that they are not lying to me.

We T.I.'s exist in a living hell.

When Obama tried to institute his Obamacare program, their websites had a lot of trouble. They told me they were causing that. They say they have better plans for us, and that it was also a demonstration of their technical abilities. They also said that the "Blue Screen of Death" experienced by Bill Gates when he was demonstrating Windows was also a demonstration, and a warning to him and his company. Satan and his gang are now coming out as the responsible perpetrators of that, since they feel that Microsoft is an evil organization that exploits it's customers, and will be an example to many.

Consider yourself warned.
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